Small speck of determination

To retain that small measure of what is human I give over to pain. I let it mock me, let it gaze with cheerful leering, into the hopelessness of my outer soul. I let it feel victorious and complacent. For there is more to a soul than what lies on the surface. There is fireContinue reading “Small speck of determination”

Learning worth, Worth learning.

There once was humiliation. There once was fear. There once was sarcasm, intimidation, and terrifying realizations about twisted lust. Then one day while my soul was wandering my self-worth showed up. She lifted her chin to humiliation. She bid a cheeky “Sod off” to fear. She flipped sarcasm the finger. She learned to knee intimidation.Continue reading “Learning worth, Worth learning.”

Equal foot.

Oh Lord, to watch that face go awry as you list to one side, trying to hide the pockmarked trail of your past. There is beauty in the sighing The deep blisters that show. The melted skin turned to stone. There is beauty in the bad. Heeding whispers that say the opposite of despair, yourContinue reading “Equal foot.”

All Rise.

Believe in the possible. Believe in the journey the effort, the continuous attempt. To overcome To withstand To rise. There will be moments of helpless fearing, gut tearing, soul sharing. Keep going. Rise. Let faults become feats. Let setbacks become comebacks. Let tears of pain become tears of joy. Rise. Raise your face to the skyContinue reading “All Rise.”

Don’t mess with mama

What’s it to you if I love you? Did I ask you to reciprocate? Ask for declarations of undying fealty? My love is my own business and I own it true I will never lie to my heart, though, I may lie to you. You do not need do anything, except leave me be. With my sighsContinue reading “Don’t mess with mama”

War is not a game.

Composed and disheveled, lines between lines, like tiny solders, in formation contemplating the horizon, new pretend battles to pursue, over powder blue blankets. Rosy cheeks, and tousled hair, a quick glance, to ensure, that no one is coming, with saltines and soup, to wreck havoc, with well-drawn controversy. Politics are no longer treated, like issuesContinue reading “War is not a game.”

We are not weeds.

My thoughts today are on the struggles suffered by children who have been abused. This is the poem that grew, from the seed of my mind, and asked to be written and placed here. Please let the blooming continue. We are not weeds. Though, our spirits are being tested. Our roots no strangers, to whatContinue reading “We are not weeds.”


Don’t fish know how to love? Is this the weapon you use, to slice open my fishbone heart, and leave me stranded, without my tail? Don’t fish deserve love? Calling me a siren, when you dash yourself upon shores, in your idle shout of false affection, leaving me to waves and watery death. Don’t fishContinue reading “Mermaid.”

Time’s up!

Do you whistle? Let glad the hearts of angels sing? Bring joy to the table? Let tumble pleasantries, and presence? Wing words of sweet nothing, to wash away the pain? Do you sing? Raise roofs and rafters? Wash away dark and dreary? Lift weightless to shoulders? Transfer light into dark corners gathered? Do you dance?Continue reading “Time’s up!”

Come light, remind me.

Come light, remember dancing, lets trim your forgotten wick, and let the reflection go softer, let the room find silent sleep, and embrace the wallpaper pattern, as they slumber with the drawing , of nights more passive voice. Come light, entice me, draw my heart to puddles, to see and know the meaning, of thingsContinue reading “Come light, remind me.”

To be, to see, to know

To travel with you, and see what you see, to hear what thoughts percolate, like the coffee you like to drink. To shop with you, and converse about choices, like kids with giddy excitement, about the mystery of our choosing. To make love with you, warm and quiet, breath in startled awe, as we discoverContinue reading “To be, to see, to know”