Dear Man with 5 Typewriters, June 6, 2017

I thought of you today. As the sky turned inky black and silhouettes of trees began to appear. It made me remember your gaze and the way it brings that same still moment. Gazing at the trees in the dark is like holding someone’s hand. It makes me feel peaceful. Why does my heart palpitateContinue reading “Dear Man with 5 Typewriters, June 6, 2017”

Dear Man with 5 Typewriters, : May 18th, 2017

Dear Man with 5 Typewriters, I have learned that with each success comes a moment of concern. A challenge to your soul, to make you humble perhaps, and sometimes in a bid to crack you open, they misunderstand, on purpose, just to appear wiser and more in control. It’s annoying because your first dream isContinue reading “Dear Man with 5 Typewriters, : May 18th, 2017”

It’s complicated

I would choose the most circuitous route to your heart. Not just for the journey, but for the extended exposure to your radiant smile. My awareness lacks omnipresence. I meander forth with a fretted edge of hopeless certainty and untethered ambiguity. There is no absence of thought, there is only immersive connectivity that leads everContinue reading “It’s complicated”

Dear Man with 5 typewriters

Dear Man with 5 typewriters, #1 I don’t like pineapple on my pizza. Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits, but on pizza it sucks up the ham flavor and makes the pineapple taste like ham fruit. Yuck. Pineapple is best straight off the knife. Chilled and hopefully accompanied by a side of whipped creamContinue reading “Dear Man with 5 typewriters”

Graham Norton Show

Seriously the funniest show ever. I think I broke my liver. pu·den·dum pyo͞oˈdendəm/ noun a person’s external genitals, especially a woman’s. Keanu’s expression when Whoopi explained about the Pudendum was just classic. I was fine until she explained and added “There’s more to it but you have to come” which had an unintended double meaningContinue reading “Graham Norton Show”

Point of light

Still startled by your gaze which echoes and sings, speaks of contemplative things. Makes arguments and intrigues. Clears out cobwebs and clutter. Finds secrets and sensitivities. Awakens dreams and misguided ambitions. A gaze that’s worth getting. Like a sudden gust of wind you blow my silence away with one gaze into the depths of youContinue reading “Point of light”


That expression. It saves my sanity. Though, the snapshot is quite candid. It saves me. Reminds me of things worth shining for. Causes a soft smile. 1 million photographs but only 1 you. 1 million expressions all of them a gift. but…that expression that particular one unrehearsed and quietly human. That one, I shall keep.Continue reading “Pianissimo”