Aspects of you

I  love the startled squirrel. The never done. The fiercely focused. The secret smiling. The sentimental. The wise-ass and the wicked. The endlessly committed. The motor-head. The never led. The shy glance. The take-that-chance. The reckless and the rumpled. The salty and the startled. The learner and the learned. The religious but not converted. TheContinue reading “Aspects of you”

Wishing on another lucky star

He may never know how many of my hardest stories end with his laughter echoing in my head; reassurance that the sun will always find me. His gaze captured like a photograph, against the soundtrack of my beating heart. His hands forever linked, in my memory, with the word grace. Foolishly, his voice became my touchstone.Continue reading “Wishing on another lucky star”

10 things that make a male person AWESOME ( to me anyway)

I was trolling the web, as I do, and happened upon an archaic article toting about “How to entice the perfect man into your life”  and “How to make yourself irresistible to men” I am certain that men have similar sites that come up. The thing is, most people do not have a second voiceContinue reading “10 things that make a male person AWESOME ( to me anyway)”


The shadows are my favorite on a walking night. Dark and light mingling in some strangely beautiful vision I cannot look away from without a winsome sigh. and some slight longing for remembered days gone past, where the memory of your fingers intertwined with the impatience of my youth.

On the edge with you

Wander sideways. Slip like paper into the in-between and follow the scent of lemon and cinnamon. Let your bare feet find the pattern of the wood. Toes making like riptide. Salty sea air in your hair. Lie close to my skin and breathe the calm in. Find the peace in cutoffs and tangled fingers. LetContinue reading “On the edge with you”

Short description

His eyes are like volumes of writing hidden in a diary. The passages are guarded, and the sentences are blocked. but.. within each page is a treasure trove of whimsy and gently placed kindness. Valiant hopes and sentimental dreams. Beauty that brings a tear. Worry and sometimes lack of confidence that hides its lovely face certainContinue reading “Short description”

Objective consideration

I imagine you are wondering why I speak, and yet do not. My eyes betraying that there are volumes more I would say. It is because I know that opinions are only valuable to the person speaking them and never to the person hearing. I am not vain enough to need an audience for myContinue reading “Objective consideration”