Classic Leading Man

Tilt that head closer, so I might see that grin. That wrinkled pout when you let it out makes grown women into school girls. Shift that stance. Lithe like a reed always so elegantly displayed. My inner memories commentating (something about Cary Grant). Pivot on that point loosen up the joint. Swing into some newContinue reading “Classic Leading Man”

In case you did not know

Even if the sky falls and everything you ever feared comes true. Even if all the trouble you have accumulated finally catches up to you. Even if every single scar starts bleeding leaves you black and blue. Even if every nightmare every hollow dread comes true Your hands will not be empty. Your journey, notContinue reading “In case you did not know”

September afternoon

Walking with a brown scarf looped about me like a comforting reminder of hugs. Contemplating my shadow with a tilted smile wondering if I am cuter in shades of grey. I close my eyes, like I always do, and pretend you into presence. So much better to walk with company. I wander along with myContinue reading “September afternoon”


You are somewhat lost like a page missing a book uncertain of where this tale is going or how much dialog is needed. Black and White is not your manner. Shades of grey follow you around mocking your dusty shoes while begging you for attention. There are complex dictionaries living inside your spine spouting ambiguitiesContinue reading “resonance”

Meditation on the point of decision.

Like a loose thread trying to hold on. Uncertain of its belonging. It’s new place in the makeup of the universe. Strange worries of being lost balanced with knowledge that it is going somewhere even if where is not written. Like a pause in conversation, a seeking silence, waiting for the next sentence the nextContinue reading “Meditation on the point of decision.”

Rusty Key

He stands like a crooked smile wondering if they know that it is not really a smile. Feet that often feel too big for walking. Tripping up his progressive motion. His head bobs along in time. To music that scores his soundtrack doesn’t everyone have one to keep time with life’s rhythm? Old shoes withContinue reading “Rusty Key”

Letter to a soul in shadow…

deep breaths, friend, let this moment be your ally, a solitary thought, in the middle of a crowded murmur. A single pause, worth taking, to know that you are, you just are. let this candle be what flickers, in your eyes hiding, an illusive warmth, that peeks behind curtains, and shelters under pillows. deep breaths,Continue reading “Letter to a soul in shadow…”


He walked with me and asked for no words no gestures or false confessions just companionship a step to echo with his own less hollow that way. He turned and gazed at the horizon cautious about capturing my gaze quite frightened to trust in me and the feelings I may present unsure if he isContinue reading “wanderers.”

Blue jeans on a handsome man.

Blue Jeans were made for men like you with belly button peeks and scruffy head of contented peace. Soft smile and soft manner. Hands that gently gesture and eyes that have seen more than time. Bare feet suits your aura and those toes make merry for they signal your relaxation and relaxing is needed here.Continue reading “Blue jeans on a handsome man.”