Let me explain something to you about me

I curse. I curse a lot. Fuck is my favorite word. I curse. I curse but, you know what? I also accept challenges, which is probably the source of 80% of the cursing, inner me is in a constant state of disbelief over what outer me is fucking up to now. The other 20% isContinue reading “Let me explain something to you about me”

This question had me in tears, for a very good reason

In true honesty, do you believe in yourself? I do. I didn’t use to, it took a lot of work. I was told many things growing up, most of them non-verbal about my role as a human being and my importance in comparison to others. Sometimes it was the job I worked compared to theContinue reading “This question had me in tears, for a very good reason”


I bought a waffle-maker! I announced this to my sister in text. She..with her unending dry wit, congratulated me…(I could practically see the eye roll) Thing is, I’m not really a cook, I have slowly been learning… I’ve mastered hamburgers without an undercooked middle section and pancakes that aren’t still raw when you go toContinue reading “Waffles!”

Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors

I just read this article on the story behind Dolly Parton’s song “Coat of Many Colors”. In the article it says: At the time, Parton thought, “Why is this happening?” But now she feels the incident occurred so she’d be inspired to write “Coat of Many Colors.” “It really is true that ‘God works inContinue reading “Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors”

I’m kinda bitter over a chair.

Ok explaination. You see this chair?: I’m fucking in love with it. It’s that (damned plate all over again!) I have loved it for a long time (years really). Well, Shay saw it on an old Instagram post. She asked me where she could find it. I got territorial..tbh. I told her that’s MY dreamContinue reading “I’m kinda bitter over a chair.”