Memorizing his face

Some memories remain under the skin like branching veins of hope rushing always forward. Sparking life wherever it touches. Some memories remain inside the mind like wingless birds flying gracefully onward. Conquering fear of heights. Some memories remain around the heart like patch-worked blankets throbbing with connection. Curled up in cotton understanding. All my bestContinue reading “Memorizing his face”

Short description

His eyes are like volumes of writing hidden in a diary. The passages are guarded, and the sentences are blocked. but.. within each page is a treasure trove of whimsy and gently placed kindness. Valiant hopes and sentimental dreams. Beauty that brings a tear. Worry and sometimes lack of confidence that hides its lovely face certainContinue reading “Short description”

This love

There is love that needs flowers petals of  promise that love exists. Despite the hollow understanding that flowers die. There is love that needs constant confirmation words piled upon words. Despite the knowledge, that repetition dulls. There is love that needs constant passion skin flush to skin. Despite the realization, that candles burn out. ThenContinue reading “This love”

Timid bird

Sweet simplicity this feeling that tells me tales and leads me, ever forward, seeing the light that falls from your eyes. I cannot claim knowledge of how softness lives behind those thick walls you guard so carefully mindful lest cracks appear. Yet, there, within the slumber of your gentleness, curls something tender and frightened. Feeling,Continue reading “Timid bird”

True Vows

I vow to Apologize Whenever I say things that hurt. Not because I am  wrong but because I don’t need to be right. Listen Whenever you speak your heart. Not because I always agree with what you say but because sometimes I am wrong. Talk Whenever we cannot understand each other. Not to force youContinue reading “True Vows”

Missing particles

This tired hand grips your photo. These weary eyes flip closed. As I remember sadness, the tracing of lonely’s face. A teacup now turned over. Rag and bone, a smiling trumpet, mirthful blankets of awakening. Sometimes a snore is reassuring, when it is the sound of love. This alien world, foreign, where I was born.Continue reading “Missing particles”

linguistical toecurl

That embrace of culture, ever tonal to the ear, as it graces, and spaces, like a whirling top gone dizzy. Bestirred in mind, as a tremble touches, makes one wonder what silk comes to touch soft places and make an echo, of something dreamt. Each chuckle discovered, brings a challenge to the hearing, as attemptsContinue reading “linguistical toecurl”

This poem is not about you.

This poem is not about you except, ok, maybe that one line. Cause I get it all the time, “You write about me to much, all fancy lace and such, less, It would be better, can’t you just put it in a letter?” This poem is not about you, cause I would not deem youContinue reading “This poem is not about you.”

Just keep swimming.

With each day I feel you closer. Your breath upon my face. and I wonder with curious mind about what lies ahead. Making myself roadblocks seems to be a hobby. It’s a habit I want to break into little pieces small enough to fit into an envelope. So I can mail them to the devil.Continue reading “Just keep swimming.”

Salient moon

Salient moon, all knowing,  silent like my face watching with a turbulent eye never stopping times illusive whisper. Salient moon, all holding, lest the world know longing stillness in the winsome of a smile, beguiling, you cover a link of anxious into a night worth sleeping. Salient moon, all glowing, leading with translucent fingers pulling,Continue reading “Salient moon”