I’ll wash, you dry

We stand here as the dark overcomes the sun side-by-side, with wry glances, touching hands underwater as we reach for submerged china. Our feet are neatly anchored in realities firmness though, waves will hover, politely seeking to tilt a viewpoint or shake a calm. We hear the squeak of cloth and glass. Smile in ourContinue reading “I’ll wash, you dry”

Her chair

This is her chair where she lived and breathed. It contains the aura of her smile and the warmth of her hands within its folds and pillows. This is her chair where her echo sounded and celebrated. It contains the clatter of her cup and the sigh of her dreams within its sturdy frame. ThisContinue reading “Her chair”

The opening of a door

What is this feeling that follows you around. Wraps you up in cotton-fresh memories of the past. What is this gentle nudge that wakes you from deepest sleep to wander gently across your prow advising smoother sailing. What is this subtle tingling that signals thinking fissures that burst with sunlight flash with something  joyful. WhatContinue reading “The opening of a door”

Squirrely Squires

Lest I forget your manner your twinkling opening statement your winsome wicked tongue inserted firmly into a cheek. Lest I forget, remind me. Lest I forget your wonder your bubbling cauldron insight your sharp without the biting your unique way of sighting. Lest I forget, remind me. Lest I forget your warming your personal coverContinue reading “Squirrely Squires”

Dearest England

Dearest England, You are home to me. From your cobbled roads to your sheep strewn fields. I walk and wonder at the quiet beauty that shines, even while it rains. Dearest England, you are home to me. From straight backed home pride to poppies grown tipped with honor. Wandering and rambling. English roses have prideContinue reading “Dearest England”


Gazing out at dripping rain and overcast sky the sweeping wind pinging while the window gets a wash. One hand beneath my chin, I ponder my face reflected. Why do I look less than I feel? Gazing out at falling snow floating the cold chill making the pane feel cool as the world turns aContinue reading “Ponder”

The purrman

They call him the hidden paw, the blurring of mice. He chuckles mid-purr, but his laughter’s not nice. He brandishes claws, with a swish and a clatter, he is quite well known, for his skill as a ratter. You may think he has gone, but really he’s just hiding, with patience and skill his timeContinue reading “The purrman”

Imaginary friend

“I am Alex”, he said brightly, and wrapped his soul inside me, a place to contemplate, and confide, sweet references to brilliance, the dreaming of a smile, forgotten. “You are a good person, don’t be afraid”, he told me, held my fearful heart close, protected, each glance my way an arrow, to pierce the divide,Continue reading “Imaginary friend”


halfway in, halfway out a foot stuck between sock and shoe. light patterns, reflections, inner thinking sunk in deep, draw forgotten memory, finger grains of time, as moments pass, like houses built, none-to-steady, upon the ever shifting sand. gaze quietly upon, each soft reflective whisper, halfway in, halfway out, let that gaze meet the horizon,Continue reading “Reflection”

How to read a poem.

Speak of love but whisper close eyes and soothe a heart. Let each vowel find a foothold in a trembling lash of wetness. Speak of love but silent with a hand upon one cheek as  memories paint an eyelid with something that drifts a smile and leaves a pattern traceable. Speak of love but savorContinue reading “How to read a poem.”

rite of passage

A look exchanged, rearrange, concepts are coming clearer, as he works his courage nearer. Heart palpations, correlations, finding things in common. Tenuous introduction, a dance of lame seduction, of which brings startled wonder, a number is exchanged. Sudden jubilation, mixed with exhalation, letting air resume, stopped clock resumes a circuit, as he plots and plansContinue reading “rite of passage”

Salient moon

Salient moon, all knowing,  silent like my face watching with a turbulent eye never stopping times illusive whisper. Salient moon, all holding, lest the world know longing stillness in the winsome of a smile, beguiling, you cover a link of anxious into a night worth sleeping. Salient moon, all glowing, leading with translucent fingers pulling,Continue reading “Salient moon”