Which poem is your favorite?

  Click on your favorite poem of these 8.   1) Busy Man 2) His Eyes 3) Yes, Love 4) I Shall Call You The Moon 5) In The Palm Of My Hand 6) Mind In Motion 7) Simple Poetry 8 ) The Thinker View Results   Make your own poll  Use the search barContinue reading “Which poem is your favorite?”

Check out my new page!

Now, not only do I have a snazzy donate button connected to paypal, I also added a sample poetry and order form page. I am really excited by this idea and hope to eventually reach my goal of $10,000 dollars earned for charity! If this takes off I may ask my poet friends to joinContinue reading “Check out my new page!”

I Shall Call You The Moon..

I shall call you the moon for being a wolf I worship you a drug that draws me at close of day a pale glow larger than myself higher than ever could be reached by me more beautiful than this shaggy fur you draw me up on high plateaus to stare in silent wonder wishingContinue reading “I Shall Call You The Moon..”