Just be you

Just be you That misplaced shoe, reminds me of you, and your endless rush toward your newest passion. You are a blur of forward movement. Those socks that quite often don’t match but, manage none-the-less to convey, with just a glance, the temperature of your percolating heart. That rumpled hair, that your fingers find, asContinue reading “Just be you”

The shadow at your side

Yeah, I know, you got shadows. So what? Even your dark sides balance you in the light. Even the irritated you is beautiful. Because each growl from your annoyed throat, indicates you noticed things to be annoyed by. That you are paying attention to things and keeping track of it all because you care, evenContinue reading “The shadow at your side”


The years have grown longer but your smiles have become stronger, more filled with contentment and surprised wonder. You have built these blessings, brick by brick, stone by stone. and now stand before the well-made foundation that is your hearts most cherished dream. These moments become you. Happy Birthday. Thank you for being born. YouContinue reading “Anu”

Dear Man with 5 Typewriters,

Happy Birthday!!🎁💐🎂 Here is your present: A breeze is also a breath A cool breeze to clear cobwebs and reveal forgotten shades of color. A soft breeze to uncurl thoughts and gently foster growing dreams. A warm breeze to spark inspiration and set fire to tomorrow’s ambition. A breeze is also a breath ————- CloseContinue reading “Dear Man with 5 Typewriters,”

Dear Anu, In case you don’t know why people love you

Sometimes it’s not about appearances. The way you smile or the way you move. It’s not about money or intellect. It’s not about prestige or influence. It’s not any of those things. Sometimes it’s about the small still voice that started things off, from the very beginning, and never stopped being true. The core truthContinue reading “Dear Anu, In case you don’t know why people love you”

Dear man with 5 Typewriters, (June 24th, 2017)

Dear Man with 5 Typewriters, I don’t get it, why do people take photos of you leaving the hotel or at the airport? It makes 0 sense to me. Don’t you do that stuff a lot? Like, 100 times a year or something? It’s repetitive and seriously unnecessary. While I like to see your face,Continue reading “Dear man with 5 Typewriters, (June 24th, 2017)”