Mr. Reeve’s notebook

Mr. Reeve’s notebook holds emotions best kept folded hidden between the lines of each page left closed some words are best left internally bound pages of things not said a way to let them live, unbroken. Mr Reeve’s notebook stores memories for caressing this is the place for confessing leave well alone the torn spotsContinue reading “Mr. Reeve’s notebook”


He walked with me and asked for no words no gestures or false confessions just companionship a step to echo with his own less hollow that way. He turned and gazed at the horizon cautious about capturing my gaze quite frightened to trust in me and the feelings I may present unsure if he isContinue reading “wanderers.”

Do you know what I am thinking?

Do you know what I am thinking? I am thinking about your mind slim and dangerous sleek and stylish ever the fashion always cleverly sewn. Do you know what I am thinking? I am thinking about your manner smooth and understated classic and elegant always right on time. Do you know what I am thinking?Continue reading “Do you know what I am thinking?”

K to the C to the R.

Do I think of you too often? mentioning things about you that others  might sigh to read. My heart I bare relentlessly as I confess to admiration of a quiet smile and manner that makes me long forever to say thank you asking nothing, merely acknowledging, the peace you bring and the light you leaveContinue reading “K to the C to the R.”

Blue jeans on a handsome man.

Blue Jeans were made for men like you with belly button peeks and scruffy head of contented peace. Soft smile and soft manner. Hands that gently gesture and eyes that have seen more than time. Bare feet suits your aura and those toes make merry for they signal your relaxation and relaxing is needed here.Continue reading “Blue jeans on a handsome man.”

Peek into something

I love the shy of your smile the way it peeks out of you like a little boy wanting to play while twinkles flicker like wee stars in those eyes. He sneaks glances from the corners of his chocolate eyes melting me completely with raven locks that threaten to fly and cannot be told toContinue reading “Peek into something”

Stranger to my eye..

I knew him in a glance and yet I was afraid there is much to contemplate here not the place for leaping and yet I feel the longing to do just that. He with that gentle manner and unknowing glint of something familiar yet never seen by my eye before. “There is not a wordContinue reading “Stranger to my eye..”


I feel that pain when I look at you the one you desperately seek to hide not out of fear but out of a simple need of dignity and privacy denied you over and over again. I want to stand up for you I want to stand next to you link palms forget the worldContinue reading “Celebrity..”

The dreamers smile.

It starts with a twinkle a gentle light that beckons in your eye a silent witness to thoughts that tempt and tease and hint at pleasure. A witty remark is coming, it revealed itself just then. Your mouth purses as if unsure if it can trust that twinkle it is wise to your ways it knowsContinue reading “The dreamers smile.”