My top 50 favorite poems

I am stubborn. Simple Poetry sleep love sleep In the palm of my hand The sweetest song.. Don’t mess with mama I chose you.. Do you know what I am thinking? Busy Man because I have curves. I am still here. Blue jeans on a handsome man. Lonely eye. Tracing My Heart in Crayon This, is how I hold you. Our Love is a tree. Travel Video Vidi Visum Little Cloud onContinue reading “My top 50 favorite poems”

Dearest England

Dearest England, You are home to me. From your cobbled roads to your sheep strewn fields. I walk and wonder at the quiet beauty that shines, even while it rains. Dearest England, you are home to me. From straight backed home pride to poppies grown tipped with honor. Wandering and rambling. English roses have prideContinue reading “Dearest England”

The purrman

They call him the hidden paw, the blurring of mice. He chuckles mid-purr, but his laughter’s not nice. He brandishes claws, with a swish and a clatter, he is quite well known, for his skill as a ratter. You may think he has gone, but really he’s just hiding, with patience and skill his timeContinue reading “The purrman”

How to read a poem.

Speak of love but whisper close eyes and soothe a heart. Let each vowel find a foothold in a trembling lash of wetness. Speak of love but silent with a hand upon one cheek as  memories paint an eyelid with something that drifts a smile and leaves a pattern traceable. Speak of love but savorContinue reading “How to read a poem.”

Who knows beauty?

Who knows beauty? Who best to judge it’s worth and worthiness? Is it the one that seeks the mirror questing to reclaim and recapture youthful paths walked too quickly? Is it the one who thinks on time and wonders at her illusive whispers her seductive promise of life unchanged? Even beauty ages, with her widsomContinue reading “Who knows beauty?”

Words, words, words

Words, words, words, sweet trips along my tongue. Serendipity, Scrumptious, Sumptuous, Ravishing, Like little nectars of yummy that ever lick my fingers with honeyed tones and gleeful sly to make me sing, and dance, and cry. Words, words, words, that bring to life a dreaming, underscore my meaning and make the heart that understands signContinue reading “Words, words, words”


Quick stepping, mind leaping, like a gazelle with flighty responses.. always longing to leap away, and find that peaceful stride, that marks my wandering. I look north and wonder, if the bright sun will hover over, this beating heart of mine, as I ponder greatness not my own… yet strangely loved, as my own skinContinue reading “lighten”

voice in the dark…

Oh honeyed shiver! You make my liver quiver, with that voice that makes sunshine blossom and moonlight stars alight! Your mind is like a memory, a dream I clutch close, and whisper to my heart in hopes it will believe me. Say my name again! Let me hear you murmur the way that makes tremblesContinue reading “voice in the dark…”

My Christmas present…

I got something lovely for Christmas this year, and I got it early too..that M…(swoon) Totally the best gift ever! I mean, think about it, having a guy write you poetry is the ultimate in sexy! Bex If you should dive off into another moment, it would be a sky fall worth sharing, no careContinue reading “My Christmas present…”

smiling despite me

Why does the sun annoy with giggles and subtle joy the winking and the blinking that brings me up from sleep. I think the sun is male he catches me by the tail swings me round until I am dizzy laughs to catch my eye. I attempt to growl pull a pillow over my headContinue reading “smiling despite me”

Hats (a conversation between poets)

Matt: There is nothing good about a hat No one ever amounted much with a hat. Bex except Churchill..he was rather dashing in his hat. Matt:  (pauses) Ok, maybe Churchill, but not dashing, more sturdy looking, and that was because he was a bald and his hat wouldn’t come off without squeaking, so he kept itContinue reading “Hats (a conversation between poets)”

I shall call you the moon..revisited

my favorite poem revisited..   I shall call you the moon for being a wolf I worship you you calm my wildest whisper and bring forth with willing glow a song that resides within me.   I sing softly from my soul, it bursts forth with loving echo, I cannot contain my power my longingContinue reading “I shall call you the moon..revisited”

I am wearing blue today

I am wearing blue today because the blues are not singing though my heart is greatly winging ever songs of you inspire me to rapid depths of laughter.   I am wearing blue today though blueberries are not in season I do not need a reason to gesture like a fanatic as music makes meContinue reading “I am wearing blue today”

Turn towards the sun.

I glower at the flower that refuses to face the sun tilting away from the calling of the day as if fearing what he would see. I think long about my actions and choose with delicate contemplation to turn his pot force him to face that which he most fears while I hold his leaf,Continue reading “Turn towards the sun.”

These small wonders

I sit among the flowers and wait something will come something always comes to visit, to investigate, to share. Butterfly, you come to welcome me with a flutter you settle down and ask a sip of nectar as you share the morning cheer. Fly you come to challenge me, my patience tested with your buzzing,Continue reading “These small wonders”

Linked Threads

Sandy flecks of sunshine join your hair in a toast to things seen and felt. A joy that lives in skin and dances along spines with patterns that create themselves consistently upon the pane of your brow like raindrops that travel softly making new pathways across uncharted sea as I look at you and youContinue reading “Linked Threads”