Necking in the kitchen..

soothe that faded fabric, softly reach around, and trail a finger, in places both soft and hard, just made for my hand, to linger and remind, how I love making you tremble. slip carefully in circle, lets not disturb the peace, as I join lips to skin, and watch your head fall back, deliriously pleasedContinue reading “Necking in the kitchen..”

No flirt zone..

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm tasty is the letter M like hot chocolate kisses and candy canes slowly melting like cotton candy left in the sun and popcorn about to get it’s pop on Oh that letter M! always making crystal shivers hyper is my reaction to such heady stuff quickening my veins with impulses and cleverContinue reading “No flirt zone..”


I just want it noted that I knew it from the start from the very first conversation the intake of air that signaled that somehow I had found something unexpected. I just want it noted that I told you it would be enduring so I can gloat quite clever some long shadow day from nowContinue reading “Note-worthy”

Not that it matters but..

I don’t know why you do it this loving that you share this thing you do that shelters me confesses before I cry as if you knew the weeping was just about to start. You raise that slender eyebrow begging me not to reveal that pattern you are not ready to trace you like toContinue reading “Not that it matters but..”

New ground..

I am use to them wanting me funny wanting me giggly and smiley here for the moment then they go leaving me once they decide I am not really wanted. What do I do with you? You, who wants me to stay to walk instead of run to look, pause, and see to let myselfContinue reading “New ground..”

Need reminding?

There is not one damned thing in this whole world quite as lovely as looking deeply into that which makes you and keeps you so wondrous is this shelter made from two arms and hands so amazing in their connection made from eyes and brows gently furrowed in meticulous thoughts unending with something illusive thatContinue reading “Need reminding?”

Night dreaming

Dew drop in and see the wind roar making rattling trees into dancers as they sway and gesture empathic link to my tender souls truth ah, how the stars do twinkle witnessing love and sex consumated under the wise nose of the moon as he sheds his pretentions and gathers up his emotion setting freeContinue reading “Night dreaming”