Optimism is not the presence of unfailing joy of unending laughter of unbridled happy. Optimism is darkness observed and overcome. accessed and abdicated reflected and reduced. Optimism is not the creation of unfaltering cheer of unexhausted wit of unending passion. Optimism is pain confessed and conquered faced and fought survived and surpassed. with the echo ofContinue reading “Optimism”

Over, under, through

over, under, through that’s what you must do to get past pain and rolling loss find the light inside you. above, around, below that’s where you must go to get past things that bring you pain only then will healing grow. into, atop, astride that’s how you must ride to find peace within your heartContinue reading “Over, under, through”

overwhelming dwelling

Thinking becomes a hindrance when thoughts of you keep looping I want to prevent the grouping of smiles that speak your name. dreaming becomes a problem when my saucy mind goes wandering the possibilities I’m reluctant pondering the trembles give me notice. I know this pattern is growing my longing is a repeat sinner asContinue reading “overwhelming dwelling”

One step at a time!

Copasetic Diabetic looking for a fix, making sweetness and light, for those with need of grin. Where to begin  this random task of making sunbeams emerge from what once was shadow and loss. A place to begin again with something resembling hope and radiance. Bestow on me that forgotten charm you call your clumsy arm.Continue reading “One step at a time!”


He walks with silent footsteps makes shadows reach in vain for just that whispy bit of light that flows ever from his name.   He pauses often in thinking forgets that he was walking his inner child is talking clever man to give a listen.   He reveals little unless you’re looking revealing things quiteContinue reading “Observation”