Your odd is even

Dear Paul Squires, You still exist No matter what door opens. Your odd is even (balanced out by something undisclosed) your voice an echo that the ocean tosses playfully, liking a good giggle. Not forgotten, no. Never that. Strong string ties things together. Your string is strong, and your knots divine.


Gazing out at dripping rain and overcast sky the sweeping wind pinging while the window gets a wash. One hand beneath my chin, I ponder my face reflected. Why do I look less than I feel? Gazing out at falling snow floating the cold chill making the pane feel cool as the world turns aContinue reading “Ponder”

The purrman

They call him the hidden paw, the blurring of mice. He chuckles mid-purr, but his laughter’s not nice. He brandishes claws, with a swish and a clatter, he is quite well known, for his skill as a ratter. You may think he has gone, but really he’s just hiding, with patience and skill his timeContinue reading “The purrman”

Paint me you.

Take these dreams and make them pink, with hopful breath held in, wanting all that I have glimpsed, to become an overwhelming reality, Paint me blue, cause I am missing you. The sky above, knows your name, and clouds will come to linger, with soft wet gazing, upon your sigh, silver, written across my skin. Continue reading “Paint me you.”


I speak of worlds undreamt lines upon your palm trace the journey of blood.   The silky touch of time. remember this though time passes remember this and know there are vistas beyond us places we cannot go hallways and doorways that are barred to walk we hear the laughter and fear the steps forContinue reading “Ponderance.”

plotting and planning.

I plan to fall asleep on your bed your hands somewhere lost in tendrils of my hair while you snore, somewhat masculine,  in my ear.  I plan to steal your covers stealthly pull them over to enemy lines  so you have to cuddle with me in self defense. I plan to tickle you awake saucilyContinue reading “plotting and planning.”

Pitch false…

If our hearts should lie and we learn that eyes are strangers that with these truths are dangers then blind me with these tears for I will not be seeing with a heart that lies unknowing my deepest soul betrayal. If these souls are not forever  lock me in dark garden for trusting in myContinue reading “Pitch false…”

Patient tree

Bent tree waiting patiently by the water. The way he has done centuries destinies eternally watching seasons pass and years drift away never asking for release from snow or wind or rain waiting patiently young no longer he waited and stretched his roots sustained his branches until one day he sudden glanced through the partingContinue reading “Patient tree”

Prompted poetry…

With a perpendicular line echoing laughing length stripped of satiety   glad does not detain or complete if not welcomed in ushered like heat on winters day if not erroneously considered less then what it is. Some would say a miracle should never once be seen as simple for even simple is more then firstContinue reading “Prompted poetry…”

Page turner

I am addicted each page a newfound wonder each story a trance pulling me under as I learn as I dream as I ponder the mystical dreams of living. My eyes enjoy the pattern black letters on the page making mystery, and joy creating journeys and discoveries voraciously I devour each printed moment caught onContinue reading “Page turner”

Permanent echo of you

Turn, turn burn, burn learn, learn earn, earn with each new trial  we spill into another thought goes crashing.  cry, cry why, why try, try fly, fly with each new fear we let go free another heart goes dreaming. time, time chime, chime,  ryhme, ryhme with each new thought that becons we discover that whoContinue reading “Permanent echo of you”

Placing myself on hold.

You called me and I heard you though you know only my name. I am not a face you’d recognize or have over for morning coffee though something in me knows you would be the type to offer. You called and I heard you felt your hand reach through the phone so I held itContinue reading “Placing myself on hold.”


My breath belongs with yours, mingled together like a prayer, glancing in, touching out, not alone, but coupled pair. My hand belongs commited, a home inside your palm , questions that have answers, bring peace and love along. My mind belongs embraced, sheltered from the storm, waiting for the light to peek, unity has aContinue reading “Partnership”