Damn, I was going to be this way but the boat tilted and the shifting made changes to my script. Damn, I was going to be honest but you want me to lie and the scars leave traces that not even I can hide. Damn, your breath is too close I cannot find mine. EitherContinue reading “Rippit”

All Rise.

Believe in the possible. Believe in the journey the effort, the continuous attempt. To overcome To withstand To rise. There will be moments of helpless fearing, gut tearing, soul sharing. Keep going. Rise. Let faults become feats. Let setbacks become comebacks. Let tears of pain become tears of joy. Rise. Raise your face to the skyContinue reading “All Rise.”

Cleaning out the closets

She wonders and wanders across corridors and closets as she contemplates and separates the differences in her spirit. In one pile sits her curiosity perched on the bed like a bouncy puppy awaiting only a word, a permission, to go warbling about the premises. Tail wagging his bottom, like a gleeful flag. In another pile sits her intellectContinue reading “Cleaning out the closets”

We are not weeds.

My thoughts today are on the struggles suffered by children who have been abused. This is the poem that grew, from the seed of my mind, and asked to be written and placed here. Please let the blooming continue. We are not weeds. Though, our spirits are being tested. Our roots no strangers, to whatContinue reading “We are not weeds.”

Time’s up!

Do you whistle? Let glad the hearts of angels sing? Bring joy to the table? Let tumble pleasantries, and presence? Wing words of sweet nothing, to wash away the pain? Do you sing? Raise roofs and rafters? Wash away dark and dreary? Lift weightless to shoulders? Transfer light into dark corners gathered? Do you dance?Continue reading “Time’s up!”

Sunrise, sunset

I’ve been down. I’ve seen the road that leads to nowhere but small. With choices closed off pinched like a closed curtain, left with little dreams like waking, and sleeping, waking up again. Little pictures in my head of thoughts that once meant tomorrow. Vague recollections of the spirit that spawns my thinking. Gesturing withContinue reading “Sunrise, sunset”

Come light, remind me.

Come light, remember dancing, lets trim your forgotten wick, and let the reflection go softer, let the room find silent sleep, and embrace the wallpaper pattern, as they slumber with the drawing , of nights more passive voice. Come light, entice me, draw my heart to puddles, to see and know the meaning, of thingsContinue reading “Come light, remind me.”

Give not taken.

take this naked hunger, my overwhelming thirst something once spoken, into my mouth uttered about shame and clever embarrassment made to sew my lips closed a barb stuck in my skin and left to fester finely, he plucked them out, and freed my throat for nibbling, and other wordless passions. take this moaning tremble myContinue reading “Give not taken.”


Quick stepping, mind leaping, like a gazelle with flighty responses.. always longing to leap away, and find that peaceful stride, that marks my wandering. I look north and wonder, if the bright sun will hover over, this beating heart of mine, as I ponder greatness not my own… yet strangely loved, as my own skinContinue reading “lighten”

Handkerchief in my pocket..(poem of a waiting room)

knotted handkerchief abused by tense hands and twining fingers waiting, the clutch of something that makes hands unable to steady, relax, lay still. The fabric reveals a thought of all that could be broken bears the brunt of words unspoken and worries that slither deftly underneath a guarded hope as it gives voice to fearContinue reading “Handkerchief in my pocket..(poem of a waiting room)”

Brown penny baby.

Penny, brown penny, brown penny how you ever turn a gazing inward exposing that vulnerable throat to wolves expecting them to bite you urging it to come, while shaking, -leaf-like- as you contemplate your own self-destructive choices. Oh, brown penny, brown penny, brown penny how you once knew a hearts copper and now leave theContinue reading “Brown penny baby.”


Gently say words that linger and trace them with a sigh caress them with a welcome gleam for we never say goodbye. Gently say words that linger sing fate a lullaby sweep the world with a calming touch for we never ignore a cry. Gently say words that linger let hurts go by-and-by with truthContinue reading “Whisper..”

Why do I come here?

I wonder why I come here to lie my head to wish on a star to look up high to breathe and sigh I wonder why I come here.    I wonder why I come here to sweep a grin begin again make funny faces the feeling of new places reaching in to fly wastingContinue reading “Why do I come here?”


I feel that pain when I look at you the one you desperately seek to hide not out of fear but out of a simple need of dignity and privacy denied you over and over again. I want to stand up for you I want to stand next to you link palms forget the worldContinue reading “Celebrity..”

Which poem is your favorite?

  Click on your favorite poem of these 8.   1) Busy Man 2) His Eyes 3) Yes, Love 4) I Shall Call You The Moon 5) In The Palm Of My Hand 6) Mind In Motion 7) Simple Poetry 8 ) The Thinker View Results   Make your own poll  Use the search barContinue reading “Which poem is your favorite?”

It is all that she can do.

She holds out her hand because it is all that she can do she knows begging works and it’s all that she can do she has seen death in multitudes she has seen the price of help she knows no pride she cannot afford it anyway she is not afraid to beg she knows onlyContinue reading “It is all that she can do.”