Each day there is a moment a silent self regard to accept the hurt unspoken to admit that things are hard. In these tearful pauses, remember, to take in breath and center. Trust the calm spaces within your soul, give faith permission to enter. And there, in that moment, say thank you. Thank you. becauseContinue reading “Shanti”

My birthday wish

They say that you have to release your wishes into the universe so that the universe knows what you want. Therefore, I am putting my birthday wish out there. I want to give TMW5T the poetry journal I have written him (for his birthday every year) and have finally completed (I ran out of pages)Continue reading “My birthday wish”

Dear Man with 5 Typewriters,

Happy Birthday!!🎁💐🎂 Here is your present: A breeze is also a breath A cool breeze to clear cobwebs and reveal forgotten shades of color. A soft breeze to uncurl thoughts and gently foster growing dreams. A warm breeze to spark inspiration and set fire to tomorrow’s ambition. A breeze is also a breath ————- CloseContinue reading “Dear Man with 5 Typewriters,”


The shadows are my favorite on a walking night. Dark and light mingling in some strangely beautiful vision I cannot look away from without a winsome sigh. and some slight longing for remembered days gone past, where the memory of your fingers intertwined with the impatience of my youth.

On the edge with you

Wander sideways. Slip like paper into the in-between and follow the scent of lemon and cinnamon. Let your bare feet find the pattern of the wood. Toes making like riptide. Salty sea air in your hair. Lie close to my skin and breathe the calm in. Find the peace in cutoffs and tangled fingers. LetContinue reading “On the edge with you”

Charles Mostly

A worn passage in a much loved book with a spine that has relaxed with time but still manages, easily, to hold itself together. Though, that easily is not always so easy he seeks to appear so for the sake of warm fingers that clasp him. When placed on a shelf he leans, ever soContinue reading “Charles Mostly”

The opening of a door

What is this feeling that follows you around. Wraps you up in cotton-fresh memories of the past. What is this gentle nudge that wakes you from deepest sleep to wander gently across your prow advising smoother sailing. What is this subtle tingling that signals thinking fissures that burst with sunlight flash with something  joyful. WhatContinue reading “The opening of a door”

Squirrely Squires

Lest I forget your manner your twinkling opening statement your winsome wicked tongue inserted firmly into a cheek. Lest I forget, remind me. Lest I forget your wonder your bubbling cauldron insight your sharp without the biting your unique way of sighting. Lest I forget, remind me. Lest I forget your warming your personal coverContinue reading “Squirrely Squires”


You are somewhat lost like a page missing a book uncertain of where this tale is going or how much dialog is needed. Black and White is not your manner. Shades of grey follow you around mocking your dusty shoes while begging you for attention. There are complex dictionaries living inside your spine spouting ambiguitiesContinue reading “resonance”


Take this shy smile and give it meaning. Show that intellectual standard that makes you pause overlong as you contemplate sincerely how not to sound like a tape recorder spitting out the same words, repeated. They call that stilted but we know better, don’t we? We dyslexics know all about finding our “words” Take thatContinue reading “Whoa..”

Rusty Key

He stands like a crooked smile wondering if they know that it is not really a smile. Feet that often feel too big for walking. Tripping up his progressive motion. His head bobs along in time. To music that scores his soundtrack doesn’t everyone have one to keep time with life’s rhythm? Old shoes withContinue reading “Rusty Key”

Letter to a soul in shadow…

deep breaths, friend, let this moment be your ally, a solitary thought, in the middle of a crowded murmur. A single pause, worth taking, to know that you are, you just are. let this candle be what flickers, in your eyes hiding, an illusive warmth, that peeks behind curtains, and shelters under pillows. deep breaths,Continue reading “Letter to a soul in shadow…”

We are not weeds.

My thoughts today are on the struggles suffered by children who have been abused. This is the poem that grew, from the seed of my mind, and asked to be written and placed here. Please let the blooming continue. We are not weeds. Though, our spirits are being tested. Our roots no strangers, to whatContinue reading “We are not weeds.”