Equal foot.

Oh Lord, to watch that face go awry as you list to one side, trying to hide the pockmarked trail of your past. There is beauty in the sighing The deep blisters that show. The melted skin turned to stone. There is beauty in the bad. Heeding whispers that say the opposite of despair, yourContinue reading “Equal foot.”

Her chair

This is her chair where she lived and breathed. It contains the aura of her smile and the warmth of her hands within its folds and pillows. This is her chair where her echo sounded and celebrated. It contains the clatter of her cup and the sigh of her dreams within its sturdy frame. ThisContinue reading “Her chair”

Open up

There lies within the spirit an endless stream of serenity that waits for your parched wanderings to claim its cooling essence. There lies within the heart an abundant well of kindness waiting for your eager offering, the sharing of your bounty. There lies within the deepest dream a priceless bundle of belief waiting for yourContinue reading “Open up”

All Rise.

Believe in the possible. Believe in the journey the effort, the continuous attempt. To overcome To withstand To rise. There will be moments of helpless fearing, gut tearing, soul sharing. Keep going. Rise. Let faults become feats. Let setbacks become comebacks. Let tears of pain become tears of joy. Rise. Raise your face to the skyContinue reading “All Rise.”


Tell me why my mind travels from thought to thought the way others travel from place to place. I linger over oceans, vistas, undiscovered countries and wonder, wander, witness so many new places I could capture had I a camera. I hear the whisper of breezes through page-less trees as they navigate me through bleakContinue reading “Mindmap”


My laughter is a hopeful beat waiting out the ponderous heat that warms and spills, ever like coffee on my lapel, as it slips soulfully into my throats tight spaces. Let this eye remain dry because I will it so. I know that pressure mounted, spring-loaded consciousness forever brushing my hair out of my squintingContinue reading “Linger”

Cleaning out the closets

She wonders and wanders across corridors and closets as she contemplates and separates the differences in her spirit. In one pile sits her curiosity perched on the bed like a bouncy puppy awaiting only a word, a permission, to go warbling about the premises. Tail wagging his bottom, like a gleeful flag. In another pile sits her intellectContinue reading “Cleaning out the closets”


Gazing out at dripping rain and overcast sky the sweeping wind pinging while the window gets a wash. One hand beneath my chin, I ponder my face reflected. Why do I look less than I feel? Gazing out at falling snow floating the cold chill making the pane feel cool as the world turns aContinue reading “Ponder”

Pressing thought.

These pressing thoughts, that linger overlong, in my head, telling me to think, to listen, to comprehend, struggling to create a minutiae of something, a cacophony of past joined to past, impression joined to impression, the insulated thoughts of we. What is this life but something pondered? Something given meaning, because you chose, you workContinue reading “Pressing thought.”

This thinking brow

Twisted lines, upon a brow, no leading fancy, to lead you now, incorporated windows, into a soul, these eyes, that know a weathered fold, as secrets, stories, mysteries, untold. Leading hearts upon a chest, kneeling with hard bone, not seen, not said, not shown, but echos flit the hours away, with speech left stunted, windContinue reading “This thinking brow”

We are not weeds.

My thoughts today are on the struggles suffered by children who have been abused. This is the poem that grew, from the seed of my mind, and asked to be written and placed here. Please let the blooming continue. We are not weeds. Though, our spirits are being tested. Our roots no strangers, to whatContinue reading “We are not weeds.”

How to read a poem.

Speak of love but whisper close eyes and soothe a heart. Let each vowel find a foothold in a trembling lash of wetness. Speak of love but silent with a hand upon one cheek as  memories paint an eyelid with something that drifts a smile and leaves a pattern traceable. Speak of love but savorContinue reading “How to read a poem.”

Salient moon

Salient moon, all knowing,  silent like my face watching with a turbulent eye never stopping times illusive whisper. Salient moon, all holding, lest the world know longing stillness in the winsome of a smile, beguiling, you cover a link of anxious into a night worth sleeping. Salient moon, all glowing, leading with translucent fingers pulling,Continue reading “Salient moon”

Come light, remind me.

Come light, remember dancing, lets trim your forgotten wick, and let the reflection go softer, let the room find silent sleep, and embrace the wallpaper pattern, as they slumber with the drawing , of nights more passive voice. Come light, entice me, draw my heart to puddles, to see and know the meaning, of thingsContinue reading “Come light, remind me.”

Built to last.

crooked furniture. sad reminders, that quick fixes tend to break, eventually. The coffee table left today, wobbled his way out the door , snorting with distain, at the house that housed nothing of value, and wondered at it’s worth. The rocking chair sat silently, pondering the steady creak, of times endless reminder, that sometimes itContinue reading “Built to last.”


No, Claim not the angry moon, with her passionate cheeks in bloom. Do not claim the crashing tide, that becons watchers come. Do not claim the wind that lashes, that makes that which is bound undone. Do not claim that fierce and loveless motion, for you are a different sort, altogether. Seek instead to aContinue reading “Swaying..”