Brightest is the star that shines..

Brightest is the star that shines vigilantly before the dawn, holding hope most tirelessly for those who seek lights knowing star, star, keep on glowing. Strongest is the breath that comes as stilling is a body holding the essence of life forgotten for those who seek the hearing breath, breath, keep on flowing. Wildest isContinue reading “Brightest is the star that shines..”

Starlight starling.

Sweep me up into tide-pools of laughter, hold me glowing in your palm, make me a dreamers serenity, echo the worlds rhythm off my tongue. Shining let my wisdom slip, let innocent mistakes find forgiveness, make me a simple honesty, reflect the shore salt off my lips. Turn me from my fated path, let myContinue reading “Starlight starling.”


Quick stepping, mind leaping, like a gazelle with flighty responses.. always longing to leap away, and find that peaceful stride, that marks my wandering. I look north and wonder, if the bright sun will hover over, this beating heart of mine, as I ponder greatness not my own… yet strangely loved, as my own skinContinue reading “lighten”

Bella Luna.

Essential hands, please hold me, teach me, right from wrong. confront and enfold me,  ever understanding song.  Let the crescent moon collect ever traces at my feet,  that memory, of winters face,  solemnity complete. With peaceful steps I walk this path, that once burned skin to linger and now I sigh, in patience palm, my headContinue reading “Bella Luna.”

Handkerchief in my pocket..(poem of a waiting room)

knotted handkerchief abused by tense hands and twining fingers waiting, the clutch of something that makes hands unable to steady, relax, lay still. The fabric reveals a thought of all that could be broken bears the brunt of words unspoken and worries that slither deftly underneath a guarded hope as it gives voice to fearContinue reading “Handkerchief in my pocket..(poem of a waiting room)”

If I should..

 If I should weep, and feel the loss of endless days forgotten, my weary heart lost and stumbling, my whole world adrift and crumbling. I know you will come and lift me, comfort, love, and kiss me, make me feel the strength of our arms intertwined. We are in this thing together gently, you remind.Continue reading “If I should..”

Deeper still.

More then this silent shiver my love is seeking dwelling you are more then passion igniting much more then orgasm burning. more than sexual leaning I am keening for your heart though the moaning brings me happy I am much more than sappy I am determined chin and devoted flame bright burning. Though, gratification isContinue reading “Deeper still.”

Woodland winters night

They sat in the snow and stared  wondering what it meant these glowing lights that echoed and made the snow turn colors pinpricks of colored dots against the backdrop of snow. Slowly they made their way, closer to the silent scene  wonder in their noses as they observed, with growing joy, something unexpected, a treeContinue reading “Woodland winters night”

Brown penny baby.

Penny, brown penny, brown penny how you ever turn a gazing inward exposing that vulnerable throat to wolves expecting them to bite you urging it to come, while shaking, -leaf-like- as you contemplate your own self-destructive choices. Oh, brown penny, brown penny, brown penny how you once knew a hearts copper and now leave theContinue reading “Brown penny baby.”

Lonely stranger…

I see you there, in your chair resisting the fear that calls you making you wish you were something more never seeing yourself truly. You run away by light of day in hopes you will forget when really, what you need more is to let yourself remember. You are not that written song that othersContinue reading “Lonely stranger…”


Gently say words that linger and trace them with a sigh caress them with a welcome gleam for we never say goodbye. Gently say words that linger sing fate a lullaby sweep the world with a calming touch for we never ignore a cry. Gently say words that linger let hurts go by-and-by with truthContinue reading “Whisper..”

Let me count the ways..

Why do I love you? let me count the ways… The goofy way you let go and investigate a concept no matter how silly or unconventional the topic all thoughts get equal consideration lined up like children you love none more then the other. The sweet way you reassure reaching out and lifting eyes toContinue reading “Let me count the ways..”