Plant babies

It’s maybe/ possibly/probably getting a wee bit out of control. I now have 8 plants. (Who is this crazy plant lady and why is she wearing my underwear??) Thus far, I have adopted a cactus (Don Prickles), a bonsai (Ping), an English Ivy (Miss Kitty) and an Aloe Vera plant (Paxil) They have definite personalities.Continue reading “Plant babies”

Slowly, slowly

I’m attempting the Slowly pen pal app AGAIN. Here’s hoping it won’t just be creepy guys hitting on me (like the last time) I decided to use a fake name this time but keep my birthdate the same. I just want someone to talk to dammit! Crosses fingers.

I surrender

There is a card in my deck called “Flow” it counsels letting go of the situations that are hardest, because you are standing in the way of what needs to be. It goes: “Let go and flow”. The belief is that the core of your heart already knows where it wants to go. You justContinue reading “I surrender”


I’m trying to decide why I’m going on this vacation. Part of me sees it as a personal challenge. Do something on my own that’s new. I like new things. I like challenging myself to do things outside my comfort zone. That’s how I stay alive whilst living. I want to see what alone onContinue reading “Doorways”

Canon Rebel

I finally did it! I bought myself a new camera! Omg! It’s expensive..and indulgent and and and…oh fuck! I bought it because I have always wanted one and have never, never, ever dared spend more than $500 on, ever! (Bites nails) (I have spent more then that on plane tickets or vacations but generallyContinue reading “Canon Rebel”

The right one

Here’s a secret most people don’t understand. I don’t need to look for a partner just because I’m single. I don’t need a partner to be happy. I am happy. I’m soo frickin happy I can’t begin to explain it to you. I am the me I always wanted to be. I am still changing,Continue reading “The right one”


  The last 2 days have been the quietest of the last 8 weeks. It’s been such a relief just having a bit of a slower work. On Sunday, I had the most wonderful dream. It ended with a surprise. Even though it was just a dream it made me smile. My vacation is creepingContinue reading “Phew*”