Rip Van Stiltskin

Regardless of the years spent sleeping,  or spinning endless reams of gold, regardless of unfathomable names, and beards that reach the ages, know this one thing, for certain despite the ages of stories and thoughts,  you are the one thing I carry close to heart and endlessly tender. like the pages of an old book,Continue reading “Rip Van Stiltskin”

return to the beginning.

Stumbling through my changes, learning to love my smile, waiting on a thread of time, feeling each tumbling mile, as it passes from my heart to my feet. Looking forward to the sunrise, conversing with my eyes, learning conversation, without the threat of lies, ceasless, as it whispers loving chant. Take this body, acceptance becomeContinue reading “return to the beginning.”

reach out.

His heart shines though his eyes are lost my fingers itch to calm his hands twisting and fretting natural inclinations like breathing in and breathing out I seek not to stop his figet but to give his hands focus my palms warmth making his own a shelter a place to rest and know peace myContinue reading “reach out.”