Sealight garden

Click into place, those thoughts left behind, a breaker for the line of sea. Within that lies that piece of me that needed broken silence. Wrestle with this undertow that rides me high, but smashes low until I am floating, listless, free, living the echo, hearing the sea. Let this body rise to meet yourContinue reading “Sealight garden”

Salient moon

Salient moon, all knowing,  silent like my face watching with a turbulent eye never stopping times illusive whisper. Salient moon, all holding, lest the world know longing stillness in the winsome of a smile, beguiling, you cover a link of anxious into a night worth sleeping. Salient moon, all glowing, leading with translucent fingers pulling,Continue reading “Salient moon”

slide closer baby

Slide closer baby, let me encircle you with lust, draw your clothing to the floor, and make magic spring to life, under my fingertips. Slide closer baby, let my eyes lick your skin, and make you speak, with sounds, satisfied and convinced. Slide closer baby, let me show you your power, my trembling confession, myContinue reading “slide closer baby”

Sister moon.

Sister moon stands frozen. She has seen much more than time can erase her heart broken, mended, broken, like a cliff face endlessly losing purchase into the sea. She silently watches the world turn, she has lived to long to need words, blunt, unworthy, undefinable, some emotions have no descriptor, and some things are betterContinue reading “Sister moon.”


No, Claim not the angry moon, with her passionate cheeks in bloom. Do not claim the crashing tide, that becons watchers come. Do not claim the wind that lashes, that makes that which is bound undone. Do not claim that fierce and loveless motion, for you are a different sort, altogether. Seek instead to aContinue reading “Swaying..”

Shine on..

making sense of magic glittering in one hand as another hand claps out a rhythm. making sense of humor speaking quiver whisper as your eyes find clever purchase. making sense of eternity with dewy breath while your heart beats erratically. making sense of sense as something snuggles closer when your hidden thought draws much nearer.

Starlight starling.

Sweep me up into tide-pools of laughter, hold me glowing in your palm, make me a dreamers serenity, echo the worlds rhythm off my tongue. Shining let my wisdom slip, let innocent mistakes find forgiveness, make me a simple honesty, reflect the shore salt off my lips. Turn me from my fated path, let myContinue reading “Starlight starling.”