Timid bird

Sweet simplicity this feeling that tells me tales and leads me, ever forward, seeing the light that falls from your eyes. I cannot claim knowledge of how softness lives behind those thick walls you guard so carefully mindful lest cracks appear. Yet, there, within the slumber of your gentleness, curls something tender and frightened. Feeling,Continue reading “Timid bird”

Her chair

This is her chair where she lived and breathed. It contains the aura of her smile and the warmth of her hands within its folds and pillows. This is her chair where her echo sounded and celebrated. It contains the clatter of her cup and the sigh of her dreams within its sturdy frame. ThisContinue reading “Her chair”

Squirrely Squires

Lest I forget your manner your twinkling opening statement your winsome wicked tongue inserted firmly into a cheek. Lest I forget, remind me. Lest I forget your wonder your bubbling cauldron insight your sharp without the biting your unique way of sighting. Lest I forget, remind me. Lest I forget your warming your personal coverContinue reading “Squirrely Squires”

Missing particles

This tired hand grips your photo. These weary eyes flip closed. As I remember sadness, the tracing of lonely’s face. A teacup now turned over. Rag and bone, a smiling trumpet, mirthful blankets of awakening. Sometimes a snore is reassuring, when it is the sound of love. This alien world, foreign, where I was born.Continue reading “Missing particles”

Sealight garden

Click into place, those thoughts left behind, a breaker for the line of sea. Within that lies that piece of me that needed broken silence. Wrestle with this undertow that rides me high, but smashes low until I am floating, listless, free, living the echo, hearing the sea. Let this body rise to meet yourContinue reading “Sealight garden”

We are not weeds.

My thoughts today are on the struggles suffered by children who have been abused. This is the poem that grew, from the seed of my mind, and asked to be written and placed here. Please let the blooming continue. We are not weeds. Though, our spirits are being tested. Our roots no strangers, to whatContinue reading “We are not weeds.”


Don’t fish know how to love? Is this the weapon you use, to slice open my fishbone heart, and leave me stranded, without my tail? Don’t fish deserve love? Calling me a siren, when you dash yourself upon shores, in your idle shout of false affection, leaving me to waves and watery death. Don’t fishContinue reading “Mermaid.”

Weary brow.

Closed eyes, that attempt ever so hopefully, to shut out the world, and its ceaseless opinion. Deep shudders reveal, a tearful storm, aftershocks of a torrid pain, exhausted into silence. Head bent, needing solitudes retreat, a moment without condemnation, a silent moment, that allows one tender breath. (This poem was written after reading the book:Continue reading “Weary brow.”


Leaning cheek, upon a hand contemplating worry. Wish for some other face, some thinner figure, dancing. Tearless eyes, misleading, no drops left, like rain to fall. As lonely invades this stubborn heart, and snatches away the hours. Looking upon promises, broken, though never spoken. Somehow the lack leaves cold shadow. Weaponless, left with nothing toContinue reading “Alone.”

Sunrise, sunset

I’ve been down. I’ve seen the road that leads to nowhere but small. With choices closed off pinched like a closed curtain, left with little dreams like waking, and sleeping, waking up again. Little pictures in my head of thoughts that once meant tomorrow. Vague recollections of the spirit that spawns my thinking. Gesturing withContinue reading “Sunrise, sunset”

The wonder in his name.

Come time, dry the tears that currently vex my spirit,  bring my heart end of aching  For I will not be forsaking that which brings me joyful.  I am ever mindful of the loss  as my heart begs his contentment. Time, return lost faith to his soul where it is sorely missing, and most conspicuouslyContinue reading “The wonder in his name.”