This poem is not about you.

This poem is not about you except, ok, maybe that one line. Cause I get it all the time, “You write about me to much, all fancy lace and such, less, It would be better, can’t you just put it in a letter?” This poem is not about you, cause I would not deem youContinue reading “This poem is not about you.”

The sexy that is he.

Dashing, thats you. A sinful slip into dark places that raise a womans temperature and sometimes, her skirt. Don’t lift that eyebrow, you pirate! I know your quirky ways. I should be more coy, but Oh boy Oh boy.. That silky hair, and thoughtful air, mixed with something chocolate, yup, drowning in those eyes, IContinue reading “The sexy that is he.”

slide closer baby

Slide closer baby, let me encircle you with lust, draw your clothing to the floor, and make magic spring to life, under my fingertips. Slide closer baby, let my eyes lick your skin, and make you speak, with sounds, satisfied and convinced. Slide closer baby, let me show you your power, my trembling confession, myContinue reading “slide closer baby”

Valentine kisses

Swirling curls in circles my mind shut-locks the door so I can secret smile in peace. Twining bits of wording my heart is ever flirting with my tender affection just discovered. Standing on forever- but he doesn’t seem to mind, he likes to watch me learning new vistas to discover. dangling bit of temptation honeyedContinue reading “Valentine kisses”

I have curves.

I am a curving road with bumps and rough patches carved sections made by time places not pretty to look upon.. but comfortable in their familiarity places that echo of time well spent if not lovingly crafted.. seldom does time leave a body without evidence of it’s passing.. rite of passage my body is myContinue reading “I have curves.”

English whisper.

Your deep and amused rumble  gives me quite a tumble each time it flows, my heart just knows something of a whisper, that tells me oh, so sweetly, that my love is on the line. Naughty laugh endearing sweet sexy lilt, I’m hearing No, substitute for culture as it’s tones go about caressing in placesContinue reading “English whisper.”

plotting and planning.

I plan to fall asleep on your bed your hands somewhere lost in tendrils of my hair while you snore, somewhat masculine,  in my ear.  I plan to steal your covers stealthly pull them over to enemy lines  so you have to cuddle with me in self defense. I plan to tickle you awake saucilyContinue reading “plotting and planning.”

I wrote my love a poem.

I wrote my love a poem so he would hear me breathing in his ear, every moment the things that make me love him. I wrote my love a poem so he would never doubt never wonder or think about my eye ever wandering wayward. I wrote my love a poem so he could everContinue reading “I wrote my love a poem.”

Deeper still.

More then this silent shiver my love is seeking dwelling you are more then passion igniting much more then orgasm burning. more than sexual leaning I am keening for your heart though the moaning brings me happy I am much more than sappy I am determined chin and devoted flame bright burning. Though, gratification isContinue reading “Deeper still.”

Burn baby burn.

There is something in that look you collect something that hints at a spark, that gives hearts pausing reflection you are more then you appear like a kiss that startles passion where a sly peck was expected, burning inferno consuming. Oh my, the licking flame of your gaze tinder flecks of heating sparking my thinkingContinue reading “Burn baby burn.”

Let me count the ways..

Why do I love you? let me count the ways… The goofy way you let go and investigate a concept no matter how silly or unconventional the topic all thoughts get equal consideration lined up like children you love none more then the other. The sweet way you reassure reaching out and lifting eyes toContinue reading “Let me count the ways..”