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This poem is not about you.

This poem is not about you except, ok, maybe that one line. Cause I get it all the time, “You write about me to much, all fancy lace and such, less, It would be better, can’t you just put it in a letter?” This poem is not about you, cause I would not deem youContinue reading “This poem is not about you.”


Breath returns to starved lungs. Freedom ladies! Feel free to dance the swing but mind the break-dancing. You remember what happened last time! East goes one West goes the other. Can’t East meet West, just once? I forget what it’s like to be perky though, my personality is sugar coated, in vibrant perkiness. Ethel, Lucy,Continue reading “C-cup”

Oak Tree.

Mind the way you speak of this tree, this weathered man of time, who has groaned with the passage of years, Acorns have a way about them, cruel masters learn, from subtle, tongue in cheek, accurately aimed, delicately sighted, Acorn bombs. As the shell falls, and boinks you, quite smartly, upon your noggin. Never insult someone olderContinue reading “Oak Tree.”

Rip Van Stiltskin

Regardless of the years spent sleeping,  or spinning endless reams of gold, regardless of unfathomable names, and beards that reach the ages, know this one thing, for certain despite the ages of stories and thoughts,  you are the one thing I carry close to heart and endlessly tender. like the pages of an old book,Continue reading “Rip Van Stiltskin”

Die web Die!

Foul cobwebs! They mockingly hang from corners and nooks, laughing and swaying to disco music, as you swipe with vigor at them, in hopes of causing death, or at the very least, invisibility. Cloak and dagger suits just fine. Towel snaps are useless as a tool, the broom becomes a handy lance. as you attemptContinue reading “Die web Die!”

Snowman in love.

soft words spoken glimmer of white snow enters the room what a sight! Licks along my spine this cold that lingers south making my hair stand on end as I contemplate your mouth. Most people feel a warming tingle that makes them greater feeling but I find that icy shot so much more appealing. TheContinue reading “Snowman in love.”

Animal moments..

Quack, Quack waddle, waddle each time the raindrops beckon inviting splashing fever little feet cannot be stilled when the duck gives over pacing to the nearest puddle racing. Woof, Woof  tail wagging pleasure each time a happy moment comes bounding into view lets have fun and jump now hearing the laugh we bow wow it’sContinue reading “Animal moments..”

Winter walking

swirling, swirling like a winter storm you slip a toe and there you go on your back again. Swirling, swirling ever the wind does blow with all the snow there you go frozen toes and then. Swirling, swirling feel the winter kiss as you go you just know you feel just like a frozen fish.Continue reading “Winter walking”

tidbits of endearment

Don’t forget the chickens oh, how we love those chickens and spades to dig our sandcastles with cheese and root-beer cause laughing makes you hungry. Amazing tales, of bravery, the world and soap somehow saved by commited souls, rubber duck and his tortoise, slowly but steadily completing a smile that was waiting. Lets make toastContinue reading “tidbits of endearment”