Squirrely Squires

Lest I forget your manner your twinkling opening statement your winsome wicked tongue inserted firmly into a cheek. Lest I forget, remind me. Lest I forget your wonder your bubbling cauldron insight your sharp without the biting your unique way of sighting. Lest I forget, remind me. Lest I forget your warming your personal coverContinue reading “Squirrely Squires”

The purrman

They call him the hidden paw, the blurring of mice. He chuckles mid-purr, but his laughter’s not nice. He brandishes claws, with a swish and a clatter, he is quite well known, for his skill as a ratter. You may think he has gone, but really he’s just hiding, with patience and skill his timeContinue reading “The purrman”

This poem is not about you.

This poem is not about you except, ok, maybe that one line. Cause I get it all the time, “You write about me to much, all fancy lace and such, less, It would be better, can’t you just put it in a letter?” This poem is not about you, cause I would not deem youContinue reading “This poem is not about you.”

Time’s up!

Do you whistle? Let glad the hearts of angels sing? Bring joy to the table? Let tumble pleasantries, and presence? Wing words of sweet nothing, to wash away the pain? Do you sing? Raise roofs and rafters? Wash away dark and dreary? Lift weightless to shoulders? Transfer light into dark corners gathered? Do you dance?Continue reading “Time’s up!”

rite of passage

A look exchanged, rearrange, concepts are coming clearer, as he works his courage nearer. Heart palpations, correlations, finding things in common. Tenuous introduction, a dance of lame seduction, of which brings startled wonder, a number is exchanged. Sudden jubilation, mixed with exhalation, letting air resume, stopped clock resumes a circuit, as he plots and plansContinue reading “rite of passage”

No wiser is a mockingbird, lets not tell the owl.

Sweet soft grass,   that knew no pressed foot no grass staining cloth, to overtake the clean, to make less the purity, of a gentle moment, Resting on a branch, with wiser eyes, hooting at those with cheeky tails, squirrels are nuts, which may explain their dinner. The owlish spectator, puffs up his chest, and wondersContinue reading “No wiser is a mockingbird, lets not tell the owl.”

Endless moon

Give me that kiss that says “You are a flower”. Give me weightless dances in moonlight. Give me dips and sways. Breathless days. When life feels like something chocolate. Give me sweet solidity. Back to back support. As we hit our stride. Refuse to hide. We only need each other. Give me passionate quirky andContinue reading “Endless moon”