A Trouts last stand

Twist of memory, range of thought, like a trout, in his net, well, and truly caught. Let’s not tarry over, fretfully attempting to leap. to find that slap of water, never more to be felt, or known. Instead, in these last precious seconds, let us look, with a fish-eye, this fate, full on and flipContinue reading “A Trouts last stand”

The Matthew Principle

The Matthew principle, invokes a smile, as his heart beckons, with a slightly tilted finger, and bids me see, with eyes newly opened, the petals of fresh buds, as they open at last and breathe deeply, of a day now born with joy. The Matthew Principle, cannot be taught, cannot be shown, cannot be explainedContinue reading “The Matthew Principle”

The sway

Gentle heart, listen.  Hear the calling rain, as it bends your heart to wakefulness, endless ripples outward, from the center of your being. Gentle heart, listen, Let the song on the wind compel you, to chance a heart worth breaking. Let the formless touch enclose you, into some new chrysalis of becoming.  Gentle heart, listen. Continue reading “The sway”


Travel to unseen places, smell the air that you have ne’er seen before, taste the eloquence of life’s creation, and savor it slowly over Bree and crackers.  Travel to new vistas, let the movement of the world embrace, and startle, bring to life a new connection, struggle to see a new viewpoint awakened.  Travel deeperContinue reading “Travel”


He is a thinker, a worry contemplater, as he mulls over his souls fears, against his hearts wishes. He is a ponderer, an introspective sorter, as he studies every wrinkle and signifies each sigh, with thoughtful meaning.  I wait on his echo, as he listens to my singing, as I gently remind, he need notContinue reading “Thinker..”

Thinking about..

Twirling in a circle making with the jolly someone is happy, by golly just watch her as she lingers with reflection on a memory if only she would share. Her hands caress her cheek as she stills for just a moment her face a sudden picture of wonder and delight as if she cannot quiteContinue reading “Thinking about..”

To live, to love…to be another day.

Like a cup that slips it’s contents unaware it has a purpose. Like a tree that shadows forth making heat less formal. Like a shoulder that sustains making falling impossible. Like a bell that stills but remembers the ringing. Like a heart that sings never forgetting song. Like a memory repeating testimony to the love.Continue reading “To live, to love…to be another day.”

tidbits of endearment

Don’t forget the chickens oh, how we love those chickens and spades to dig our sandcastles with cheese and root-beer cause laughing makes you hungry. Amazing tales, of bravery, the world and soap somehow saved by commited souls, rubber duck and his tortoise, slowly but steadily completing a smile that was waiting. Lets make toastContinue reading “tidbits of endearment”

The honest.

I will write you pages, books, reams of dreams! Constant reminders, always that you are wondrous, always that you are great. For men like you, are flighty things  that need sweet reminding! How easily they forget and curl back under never to be seen again. Stay with me, hold me, never go back to hiding,Continue reading “The honest.”

Thoughts repeated..

The luminosity of a mind transfixed in dreaming of complexities simply to honor promise of being somewhat more complicated though, in my mind simplicity is merely the focus downward spiraled to relief in the form of something condensed but no less heartening and delicately revealing. What then say you, my heart? Do you underestimate myContinue reading “Thoughts repeated..”

The Real Repundzel

“let down your hair” he whispered with honey lips he came calling and I, a fool sequestered believed he was a prince and let him climb my balcony and enter my tower protected. Now I sit in bitter he is a mangy quitter I have birthed him a litter and he goes out all huntingContinue reading “The Real Repundzel”

The quirky way he loves me..

Today… She regarded his smile with delightful cast “he really does have a way”  her inner child did say, as she covered his face with kisses   in the beginning..   Standing on her head for another viewpoint, she was startled to find him waiting, his ears flopping gently as he attempted to look herContinue reading “The quirky way he loves me..”

Tribute to a Selma dream

(To Selma, who inspires me.) “He makes me feel alive” she wrote it in her dairy, the only thing she left behind, a memory, but not of him, not of the man, blood and bone, left to pick up pieces, scattering ashes and pages, like a lost wind howling, unknowing of what it missed inContinue reading “Tribute to a Selma dream”

Trust in me…

cold wind man there will be times when your heart feels broken and your back feels burdened and you soul is heavy and low and you feel lost uncertain not knowing where to turn or who to trust with all that lives hidden inside you.  You will be tempted to turn inward to escape theContinue reading “Trust in me…”