Each day there is a moment a silent self regard to accept the hurt unspoken to admit that things are hard. In these tearful pauses, remember, to take in breath and center. Trust the calm spaces within your soul, give faith permission to enter. And there, in that moment, say thank you. Thank you. becauseContinue reading “Shanti”

Lessons from the universe

You know what’s interesting about the universe? It gives lessons to everyone. Nobody “graduates” from life lessons. They keep presenting themselves until the day you die. The REALLY interesting thing about them, though, is the way the universe teaches. It doesn’t just force a lesson. It gives you warnings before you mess up beyond correction.Continue reading “Lessons from the universe”

These are not the same stars

When I was a kid, I would stare at the stars with wonder. I would look at them and wonder what they knew and why they twinkled. It did not help that I learned about making wishes, actually, learning that ruined it for me. I stopped noticing that stars twinkled. That thay burned the nightContinue reading “These are not the same stars”

In case you did not know

Even if the sky falls and everything you ever feared comes true. Even if all the trouble you have accumulated finally catches up to you. Even if every single scar starts bleeding leaves you black and blue. Even if every nightmare every hollow dread comes true Your hands will not be empty. Your journey, notContinue reading “In case you did not know”

September afternoon

Walking with a brown scarf looped about me like a comforting reminder of hugs. Contemplating my shadow with a tilted smile wondering if I am cuter in shades of grey. I close my eyes, like I always do, and pretend you into presence. So much better to walk with company. I wander along with myContinue reading “September afternoon”