Airborne Instruction

She had not considered the way her struggles nourished her, kneaded her stubbornness into fragrant bread for mana. There is wisdom in challenge. She had not realized the way her pains would assist her, pause her mouth and still her ego when friendship called for sensitivity. There is respect in pain. She had not imaginedContinue reading “Airborne Instruction”

Grace Defined

Grace is not worn by beauty though, beauty is its face. It is the portrait of time recalling back to the things it has learned and overcome. Grace is a shaking off of old scars that now become lace to decorate her soul. Grace is not a young art though graceful can make a youthfulContinue reading “Grace Defined”

A very good height indeed.

Days tick by. Caterpillar questions on the fly. Say hello, but mean goodbye. Look both ways before crossing your eyes. Do you catch more honey or catch more flies? Oh sour  insanity! Boxed in by an endless loop. Reaching into that place, inside my memory, that is not yet written. Just ask my diary. He knowsContinue reading “A very good height indeed.”

Small steps

One foot placed before the other, mindful of the stacked domino’s that long to topple over creating kinetic chaos and black and white submersion. His face is mine to memorize. Though, he shades his blushes, the true beauty lies in his ability to calm turbulent water in the midst of tempest teacups. One blink leads toContinue reading “Small steps”

Charles Mostly

A worn passage in a much loved book with a spine that has relaxed with time but still manages, easily, to hold itself together. Though, that easily is not always so easy he seeks to appear so for the sake of warm fingers that clasp him. When placed on a shelf he leans, ever soContinue reading “Charles Mostly”

Equal foot.

Oh Lord, to watch that face go awry as you list to one side, trying to hide the pockmarked trail of your past. There is beauty in the sighing The deep blisters that show. The melted skin turned to stone. There is beauty in the bad. Heeding whispers that say the opposite of despair, yourContinue reading “Equal foot.”


Damn, I was going to be this way but the boat tilted and the shifting made changes to my script. Damn, I was going to be honest but you want me to lie and the scars leave traces that not even I can hide. Damn, your breath is too close I cannot find mine. EitherContinue reading “Rippit”

The opening of a door

What is this feeling that follows you around. Wraps you up in cotton-fresh memories of the past. What is this gentle nudge that wakes you from deepest sleep to wander gently across your prow advising smoother sailing. What is this subtle tingling that signals thinking fissures that burst with sunlight flash with something  joyful. WhatContinue reading “The opening of a door”

Open up

There lies within the spirit an endless stream of serenity that waits for your parched wanderings to claim its cooling essence. There lies within the heart an abundant well of kindness waiting for your eager offering, the sharing of your bounty. There lies within the deepest dream a priceless bundle of belief waiting for yourContinue reading “Open up”


Tell me why my mind travels from thought to thought the way others travel from place to place. I linger over oceans, vistas, undiscovered countries and wonder, wander, witness so many new places I could capture had I a camera. I hear the whisper of breezes through page-less trees as they navigate me through bleakContinue reading “Mindmap”


My laughter is a hopeful beat waiting out the ponderous heat that warms and spills, ever like coffee on my lapel, as it slips soulfully into my throats tight spaces. Let this eye remain dry because I will it so. I know that pressure mounted, spring-loaded consciousness forever brushing my hair out of my squintingContinue reading “Linger”

Squirrely Squires

Lest I forget your manner your twinkling opening statement your winsome wicked tongue inserted firmly into a cheek. Lest I forget, remind me. Lest I forget your wonder your bubbling cauldron insight your sharp without the biting your unique way of sighting. Lest I forget, remind me. Lest I forget your warming your personal coverContinue reading “Squirrely Squires”

Meditation on the point of decision.

Like a loose thread trying to hold on. Uncertain of its belonging. It’s new place in the makeup of the universe. Strange worries of being lost balanced with knowledge that it is going somewhere even if where is not written. Like a pause in conversation, a seeking silence, waiting for the next sentence the nextContinue reading “Meditation on the point of decision.”

Don’t mess with mama

What’s it to you if I love you? Did I ask you to reciprocate? Ask for declarations of undying fealty? My love is my own business and I own it true I will never lie to my heart, though, I may lie to you. You do not need do anything, except leave me be. With my sighsContinue reading “Don’t mess with mama”

Cleaning out the closets

She wonders and wanders across corridors and closets as she contemplates and separates the differences in her spirit. In one pile sits her curiosity perched on the bed like a bouncy puppy awaiting only a word, a permission, to go warbling about the premises. Tail wagging his bottom, like a gleeful flag. In another pile sits her intellectContinue reading “Cleaning out the closets”


Take this shy smile and give it meaning. Show that intellectual standard that makes you pause overlong as you contemplate sincerely how not to sound like a tape recorder spitting out the same words, repeated. They call that stilted but we know better, don’t we? We dyslexics know all about finding our “words” Take thatContinue reading “Whoa..”


Gazing out at dripping rain and overcast sky the sweeping wind pinging while the window gets a wash. One hand beneath my chin, I ponder my face reflected. Why do I look less than I feel? Gazing out at falling snow floating the cold chill making the pane feel cool as the world turns aContinue reading “Ponder”