Unspoken confession.

Tears that fall from fingertips brushed softly from my eye like a lingering whisper my heart can’t say goodbye. Peacful protest was my standard never let them see you bleed but now I am left with burning eyes and an echo of endless need. What does a heart know that a mind does not roundContinue reading “Unspoken confession.”

Unconditonal..Love without limits.

fragile they are so fragile these souls these minds these hearts -walk gently here- my heart warns walk gently and touch often hands, faces, shoulders let them feel your love envelop them in joy show them with your manner that there is nothing to fear in the simpleness of your smile give them what theyContinue reading “Unconditonal..Love without limits.”

Union..the moment when love enters

His whisper contains a giggle as we try to stay quiet. The joy implicit in his murmur makes me want to shout and this causes giggles and I find an answering gleam in his eye. We are like two children discovering laughter for the first time, overflowing it’s banks and making cheerful the hearts ofContinue reading “Union..the moment when love enters”