Walking the chase.

Walking like two old saplings we hold sweaty hands and gaze in wonder at the paths before our feet leading endlessly forward and tirelessly  onward. I hold your eye in my mind for you encourage me when I grow weary knowing my need to hear something that makes me less alone you step gently toContinue reading “Walking the chase.”

Who knows beauty?

Who knows beauty? Who best to judge it’s worth and worthiness? Is it the one that seeks the mirror questing to reclaim and recapture youthful paths walked too quickly? Is it the one who thinks on time and wonders at her illusive whispers her seductive promise of life unchanged? Even beauty ages, with her widsomContinue reading “Who knows beauty?”

Wisdom is his kenning.

He lingers on a worry timeless thoughts to ponder as he holds his stance crooked, his head tilted toward me, ever listening to my breathing. He shuffles feet unplanted waiting out my huffing, knowing I will take his calm and nestle down for sleeping, once I am knowing peaceful. He shares his palm with me.Continue reading “Wisdom is his kenning.”

Woodland winters night

They sat in the snow and stared  wondering what it meant these glowing lights that echoed and made the snow turn colors pinpricks of colored dots against the backdrop of snow. Slowly they made their way, closer to the silent scene  wonder in their noses as they observed, with growing joy, something unexpected, a treeContinue reading “Woodland winters night”


Gently say words that linger and trace them with a sigh caress them with a welcome gleam for we never say goodbye. Gently say words that linger sing fate a lullaby sweep the world with a calming touch for we never ignore a cry. Gently say words that linger let hurts go by-and-by with truthContinue reading “Whisper..”

Who’s the real pirate?

Sweet peaches come to mind when I study that pouting lip as you contemplate mutiny not liking my choices. Having no reset button you ponder your strategy and examine me for weakness waiting like a pirate for something resembling treasure to make your jolly way with me. I laugh inside but not outside this isContinue reading “Who’s the real pirate?”

Winking giggle love

Do not let inner fear prevent what you are inside what I know is true, true, true! You are a marvel you are a dream you are a freaking star A cloud that loves the blue, blue, blue You are a wonder a miracle adventure a sweet refrain to be sung it’s you, you, youContinue reading “Winking giggle love”

What is this poem saying?

What is the worth of kindness? to stifle hurt when words are spoken to hold down the angry sputter to still the unwise comment to calm a confused whisper to remind what is forgotten to give peace in troubled second to return the mind to forgiveness. What is silence built for? to build upon aContinue reading “What is this poem saying?”