2015 Poems List


Let Me

You are more

I’m right here

Sapling (A personal favorite)


Blues Riff

Good Eye

Last thought before sleeping



Cotton Understanding

He weaves me a story (A personal favorite)

Set Me On Fire

Leaning my head on your shoulder (A personal favorite)

Entangled in your palm (A personal favorite)

Half remembered dream (A personal favorite)

Respectful scrutiny

Sometimes it’s what you didn’t do (A personal favorite)


Hedge Over Heels

Faith is not in the fall, it is in the leap



My heart feels new

Do it

Contemplating your smile

Forward Facing

Letting Go

Pinpricks of starlight

I am a daisy (A personal favorite)


Contemplation of a man (A personal favorite)

I collect rocks

Three Tiered

I have you


The Man With 5 Typewriters (A personal favorite)

Weary Brow

Growth Blooming

Tears at days end

Night Thoughts

Say Something

As if from a dream


I am my own religion


Ghost Boy


Our Crooked Poem ( A personal favorite)

With Age Comes Acceptance

Friends are like good books (A personal favorite)

Life is Paint

Missing Pieces

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