My Natal Notebook

***Update: I’m going to restart my work on my own chart and (hopefully) get it done. I really need to finish it.

I’m going to try and be very honest while typing my notes on my own chart but, I might disagree at times because I have been working on my own shadows for soo long. I’ll post the things I disagree with even so, in the interest of full honesty.
This list will become links as I complete each.

Sun in 9th house
Moon in 5th house
Mercury in the 9th house
Venus in the 9th house
Mars in the 12th house
Jupiter in the 10th house
Saturn in the 1st house
Uranus in the 6th house
Neptune in the 7th house
Pluto in the 5th house
Lilith in the 8th house
North Node in the 7th house
POF in the 9th house
Vertex in the 6th house
Ceres in the 9th house
Vesta in the 5th house
Pallas in the 8th house/Capricorn
Juno in Capricorn/9th house
Chiron in the 11th house
Sun in Capricorn
Moon in Virgo
Mercury in Capricorn
Venus in Aquarius
Mars in Taurus
Jupiter in Aquarius
Saturn in Gemini
Uranus in Libra
Neptune in Sagittarius
Pluto in Libra
Lilith in Capricorn
North Node in Sagittarius
Vesta in Libra
POF in Aquarius
Vertex in Scorpio
MC in Aquarius
Ceres in Capricorn
South Node in Gemini
Descendant in Sagittarius
Chiron in Aries
Gemini Ascendant
Cancer in 2nd house
Cancer in 3rd house
Leo in 4th house
Virgo in 5th house
Libra in 6th house
Sagittarius in 7th house
Capricorn in 8th house
Capricorn in 9th house
Aquarius in 10th house
Pisces in 11th house
Aries in 12th house

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