Secret musings

He has eyes that see
what no one can share.
With hands on his head
and curls in his hair.
With a subtle grace
he is so unaware.

The peace that steals in
and the joy he would share
if he could but find
in the back of his mind
that thread he feels is missing,
unraveling through time.

Sitting tired against
the strength of a wall.
Waiting quite listless,
tired from it all.
In his eye
it waits there
and he cannot see.
It struggles for light
it fights just to be.

No one can walk it
this path is his own.
One day to be found
to be embraced, to be known.
In his eyes he can see
the promise thats there
but for now he waits
with hands
in his hair.

Security blanket.

he ushers in the day

with a glare

and burrows under the covers

certain the day has made some mistake

and risen much to soon.

5 more minutes please.

he groans

for he knows

that time will not wait

and he has much to do.

so he slides


from her side

letting his hand linger

for a moment

along the side of her face.

asleep, or awake

she is something he cherishes.

He smiles faintly,

for he knows

this is a secret memory

that he clasps close.

he has many such things

that he keeps in his minds eye

like special bits of string

colorful and distinctly different

but with a common theme.

The red one, from the hand on her hip memory

pouting lips that twitched

and attempted not to be amused.

The blue one that is the day she cried

from overwhelming love, for him.

The silver one, much treasured

for the passionate sigh

that illuminated her face

as her body found it’s flight

his gift for his labors

his thread to cherish


He reluctantly stands

and eases from the bed

his heart lighter

and his morning begun.

a new thread had just been added

to the tapestry

of his hearts secret blanket.

perhaps being awake

is not such a bad thing

after all..



You strain against your boundaries

certain it is keeping you

from freedom.

Constriction is something you fight

tooth and claw

blood and bone

and I shake my head at you

for you are unaware

that you are not free

but lost.

I sit and wait

for you to come exhausted

and sit next to me weary

unknowing why you feel

the way that you do.

I wait for you

so I can tell you,

in a moment of pause,

all the things you do not know.

Boundaries are

needful things

though they feel like constriction,

they are what makes true freedom


Boundaries do not keep you from flying

they keep you from falling.

Being alone

is not freedom,

being loved

and accepted

with a place to rest

after a long flight

is the truest freedom

ever known.

For it is a freedom

to be within yourself

all that you are

and still have someone

to lean on

when you feel lost.

Love is freedom.

Boundaries are not constrictions

they are safety nets,

and once you learn this

simple truth

you will,

for the first time,

well and truly



I let the music slide across my skin

and I feel the brush of air as I move

twisting and turning I feel the rhythm

and tap the beat

with my feet

the slick sweat drips

between my shoulder blades

as I step forward

step back

and circle

hands in the air


stretching my legs

and healing my heart

with music that makes me giddy

and my joy overflows

though I am quite certain

I am a sight of laughter

Strangely at peace

within my pattern

my legs find and mimic

my thoughts

is it wrong for a dance

to make me sizzle?

to make heart beat

soft and slow

fast and fierce

I am only fit for darkness

my performances are closed

but my audience

does not mind

she is much to busy



I think far to often about the way your hands delight me.

The way your gaze slices me with silent communication

across time and place

I feel it here

and it warms me, while it chills me

it brings me home, and makes me all to aware

that I am here alone.

stranger to my gaze

you are no stranger to my heart

though how you got in there

baffles me quite often

hard enough a trick

for those who know me

ever so well.

Sometimes I get angry

that I have to wait

at the gate

seeking what I am told

I am to have, but cannot hold.

Not yet, they say

while they show me delight

like that light

in your eyes

that winks off and on

beckoning me forward

but warning me to stop

and contemplate

what it is I am rushing forward for

do I truly know you

or am I merely another face

in a sea of admiring glances?

second chances

does my gaze hold that

for which you have been searching

that knowledge of life’s twisted

sense of humor

and delightful loving gift

of gentle things unappreciated?

I look at you and try to read

your mind like a book

but would it really make me happy

to know that book by heart?

So much better to read the page


savoring the words

the lessons, the truths

the story laid out

like jewels and gems

on a glittering surface

your eyes

I think about you way to often

like a ghost lost in misty weeping

Long for the future

yet fear it will end

far to soon once it comes



How long must I endure this pain?

to find your enduring love?

Flow like lava.

My thoughts flow like lava

blistering in my gaze

why must they trouble me so

why always these heated plays?’

I am tired and weary of time

if he plays me false

I am left alone

broken and wondering

just where to begin

to piece me back together.

better a slice to my finger

than to place a sliver in my heart

to slowly, like lava

make it’s way to the core

of my breath and bones

I pray and close my eyes

to do it

begging God for answers

knowing he sends them

but not able to believe

always in what I see

serendipity should have been enough

to make me less than fearful

but I have known this uncertainty

so very, very, long

it is hard to replace

with knowing



Time promises

with honeyed lips

things it knows my heart

is dying, bleeding, begging

to come true

I know it is the truth

these words my soul whispers

and yet

my thoughts flow

I don’t know


I cannot let faith lead my way

in love,

the way it leads all else.


unvarnished honesty

take my hand now

the tough is coming

and I want to share with you

my strength

cause I know

even if you do not

that you will go it alone

I will support you

I will hold you

I will walk beside you

as you progress

down this path

but this is your path

your struggle

your lesson

to learn

and I must stand away

and view

and not interfere

these lessons

must be learned

though they burn you

though they lash you

though they make you

cry out in pain

I must not interfere

though I pound the ground

until I bleed

tears of agony for you

trembling on my lashes

I will enfold you in love

when you rest

from struggle

I will surround you

with my arms

my kisses

my hair

I will give you

something worth

fighting for

I cannot interfere

but I can show you

what you are fighting for

and hope with my heart

that you will understand

why I am not saving you

why I am not there

hiding you away

from your brutal truths

I do this

not because I like to see you suffer

but because I know

that when the day comes

you will win.

I know it in my heart

and I wait

and cry

and bleed

with you.

I believe in you

I do this thing I do

out of the greatest love

ever known.

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  1.  Simple Poetry 
  2. The Light Bringer
  3. I am still here
  4. The Poets Jewels
  5. I am stubborn
  6. In the palm of my hand
  7. Yes Love
  8. The Sweetest Song
  9. I Shall Call You The Moon
  10. because there are robins
  11. Tender limb I cling to
  12. Busy Man
  13. The Invisible Gem
  14. It’s All The She Can Do
  15. The Warrior and The Maiden
  16. Walking The Path
  17. Mind In Motion
  18. Searching for truth
  19. Quiet Moments
  20. The Thinker


Where did the gooey go?

Somehow or other

they became convinced

that I was gooey

all the time

looks at poems for a moment

I resemble that remark

but sometimes

to their immense surprise

the gooey is gone

and the sweet becomes the sour

and people grow

quite alert

and watchful

just in case

they insist


put me on 24 hour

suicide watch

(rolls eyes)


Confused and random

stand closer

if you dare

let me rustle up that hair

caress a cheek

let laughter go

make you say it

make you show

all the thinks you have

but never know

turn that frown

on it’s side

until it appears much thinner

look at me and wonder

look at me and ponder

what on earth God was thinking

what on earth God was thinking

what on earth was God thinking…

when he made me thusly

and then as you look

upon the gift of me

thank him once



for making such a concoction

such as me.


Many hats..

Do you seek to define me?

Well, let me help

This hat is the one I wear

when I am feeling sexy

note the sequins

and the jaunty lace.

This one is my mom hat

extra band-aids and sewing needles

hidden in the brim.

This is my thinking cap

that I stain with ink and paint

creative endeavors

are often the result

of putting it on..thusly

This cap over here

is my night cap

I use it when I need peace

and a bit of fantasy

to help my heart

and soothe my soul

This hat

with the wild patterns

is my sassy side

she dreams of pinching men’s bottoms

and doing things others would consider

a tad risky

cheekiness personified

This is my sister hat

true blue

of course

and this hat

this one over here

with it’s floppy brim

that covers my face

that’s the one I wear

when I am blue

and need to be alone

for a hide my face.

I wear many hats

I am many parts

that make a whole

I am a collection

overflowing the cupboards

and peeping from closets

if you sit here awhile

I am certain

you will find a few

you might enjoy

Giggle fit

I hold my hand over my mouth

in a attempt to stifle

that which would be free

my shoulders hunch

as I vainly attempt

to hold it in

to late I feel it swell

the laughter

it bubbles up from the deepest

parts of my heart

until it comes

forcing it’s way past my lips

with a sly smile and a sexy eyebrow lift

as it passes

as I knew it would

and all hell breaks loose.

Ah the life I live..

a constant state of fruitless apology

and twinkled joy

Loves promise

The core of me knows you

though I have yet to meet you

I am that romantic fool that lingers

over morning dreams that call me

seductively to come back

to rest my weary soul

in arms I must believe exist

I am a fool for love

and this defines my view

of my world

Loving you makes me wise

Loving you makes me strong

Loving you makes me brave

Loving you completes something inside me

I was unaware was missing.

We may never meet

but my soul is still content

I am whole with you

I am whole without you

I am whole from love

that defines me

and makes me more

the gift of you

I will cherish forevermore

I dream of you

and long for your smile

I pray for guidance

I pray for hope

I pray for that moment

that my heart says will one day come

if I follow my path truly.

The core of me waits


without remorse

you live in my heart

and I am not lonely

though I am hopeful

that one day

when I am busy

being the joy that lives in me

you will arrive

and take my hand

and acknowledge what I know


I am your one

you are my one

We are one

even when apart

and this brings me


damn his eyes!

Clever eyes,
he has been given!

Clever eyes,
all knowing!

He sees things with those eyes,
things best left unseen

damn his eyes!
he sees me,
and I have never been seen

I have hidden so cleverly,
in plain sight

damn his eyes!
that see me,
that know my secret self

I am unable to come gently,
my inner heart is a fighter,
and she must not give in.

She fights with passion,
she fights with blood,
she fights because it is all she knows.

And his eyes know,
they know,
and it scares me so.

trembles that I have never known,
make me back away,
in deep fear.

I have never been afraid before,
the confusion makes me weak,
and the weakness makes me angry.

I don’t want this cries my lips,
but my heart, that traitor,
beats with something new.

Damn his eyes!
Damn his eyes that see me!
Damn his heart I love.

The knowing

my heart knows

I do not know how

or even why

I shake it and ask it to stop

I ask it why it is doing

what it does so blithely

without my permisson

I want to weep

to bang the ground and scream

It’s not fair

It’s not fair

It’s not fair!

I wait for reality to negate it

to prove my heart is false

but even with setbacks

my heart refuses

simply refuses

 to let go

of the knowing

what drives a soul to believe

even when the mortal body

cannot bring itself to do so?

what makes my heart know?

why does it hurt me so?

my heart knows

 it will not budge

it will not budge

it will not budge

though I beg it

though I plead

though I pray

go away

go away

go away

my heart knows something more

than I can comprehend

so in the end

I trust it

though I think my heart

quite insane.