How to argue without flinching.

Our words define our being, 
each true self contained,
in the essence of a sharing.
Unconciously we reveal,
with one unmeasured second, 
the truth of our aim in speaking, 
the true measure of our heart.  

Look ahead for arrows,
as we reveal unknowing ,
much more than turn of phrase.
What does a man care for? 
What does he defend, 
create, tear assunder
in the rush to make a point.
What singular naked secret 
reveals itself to the eye, 
when it slips free
in a moments anger? 

 Tell me how you argue
and I will tell you who you are
how you cup your true humanity.
What secrets left in shadow, 
are more true than your costumed skin, 
the wisdom or folly
of your unrestrained passion.




slide closer baby

Slide closer baby,
let me encircle you with lust,
draw your clothing to the floor,
and make magic spring to life,
under my fingertips.

Slide closer baby,
let my eyes lick your skin,
and make you speak,
with sounds,
satisfied and convinced.

Slide closer baby,
let me show you your power,
my trembling confession,
my endless affection,
my unending desire.

Slide closer baby,
let me cover you in kisses,
transport my thoughts,
into floating shadows,
that you can clearly see.


Words of power

“We hold truths to be self-evident
that all men are created equal
that they are endowed, by their creator
with certain, unalienable rights
that among these these are,
Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

“Give me your tired,
your poor,
your huddled masses
yearning to breathe free.”

Sometimes words are more than words,
sometimes words are freedom,
and compassion.
Sometimes words are a prayer,
and sound like a song.

Some words
make things happen.

I will be what I dream.

Wait for me.

Lost soul on a journey.
Inward, outward, upward,
straining to see the light,
at the end of a very long tunnel.
Something is waiting.

I take a step forward,
and hope it is one less,
leading me to what I love,
telling me the story,
of who I am.
Something is waiting.

I look and sigh,
knowing I am growing,
inward, outward, upward,
this flower is slowly blooming,
please let me find the light.
Something is waiting.

The Matthew Principle

The Matthew principle,
invokes a smile,
as his heart beckons,
with a slightly tilted finger,
and bids me see,
with eyes newly opened,
the petals of fresh buds,
as they open at last and breathe deeply,
of a day now born with joy.

The Matthew Principle,
cannot be taught,
cannot be shown,
cannot be explained or gifted.
It comes when the time has come to see it,
It comes when the time has come to be it,
It comes when a heart is ready,
for lessons to be seen, and shared.

He shifts his head in contemplation,
quite often convinced he is merely thinking
like most other men will do,
never seeing, with eyes that shelter,
the awakening mind that leads
with gently felt persuasion,
others to pathways worth walking.
His own curiosity a catapult
making others curious,
wanting to know, to see, to understand,
just what makes him start in wonder.

The Matthew Principle
a spark, an ignition,
a starting place of knowledge,
a thirst for something more,
Brought on by the sight of one
caught up in his own passionate approach,
unaware of just what he is birthing,
in the minds of countless others.


How can I write a poem
about this love?

I could speak of his smile,
that welcomes me,
makes me feel alive,
complete and welcome,
makes my heart answer,
with rapid pulsing need.

I could speak about his touch,
that makes my soul turn in wonder,
for being seen, celebrated,
given breath and life anew,
Shown how to fly with joy,
like a bubble in the sun.

I could speak about his humor,
that makes laughter spill forth,
like an endless river overcome,
with an abundance of itself,
making miracles possible,
and tomorrow’s gifts a certainty.

How can I write a poem
about this love?

You would think I was just being poetic,



I am the creation of Siam.
I am knowledge in a furred shell.
I am the priestess,
and the honored God,
both sides, same coin.

I am proud head lifted,
and calm regard,
I have seen all,
know all,
yet casually,
I find the time to play,
knowing, as I do,
that time is a mere whisker,
and lifetimes merely catnaps.

I purr because I know,
what is not seen by eyes,
the flow of magic,
the secret of dreams.
My calm regard will fool,
those who see not,
the flicking of my tail.

The Love Letter

Pressed gently between the pages,
of Romeo and Juliet,
like a long lost emotion,
tenderly preserved,
was the letter,
faded and slightly brittle.

It brought the past forward,
as if it were a mere simple journey,
the stroke of the pen had faded,
in places,
but the words could still be read,
the heart that beat ,
upon the page,
just as clearly seen,
as the day she wept upon it,
and thanked fate for her gifts. 

His love shines there like a jewel,
his words a promise,
kept there, just there,
long after they had gone from life,
a silent reminder,
that some things,
are too life changing,
to ever truly die.

Die web Die!

Foul cobwebs!
They mockingly hang from corners and nooks,
laughing and swaying to disco music,
as you swipe with vigor at them,
in hopes of causing death,
or at the very least, invisibility.
Cloak and dagger suits just fine.

Towel snaps are useless as a tool,
the broom becomes a handy lance.
as you attempt to battle,
with the killer of artistic atmosphere.
Die web die! 

Give thee ambiance, or give thee death!
You are known to tilt at windmills,
battler of oppressors of that dignified culture.
Mock the eye no longer!
Die web die!

The sway

Gentle heart, listen.
 Hear the calling rain,
as it bends your heart to wakefulness,
endless ripples outward,
from the center of your being.

Gentle heart, listen,
Let the song on the wind compel you,
to chance a heart worth breaking.
Let the formless touch enclose you,
into some new chrysalis of becoming. 

Gentle heart, listen. 
Let the fabric of time,
weave a liquid curtain,
as beautiful as it is illusive,
with sunlight that shines like love.

Come love,

Sweet love, come closer,
come sit across my feet,
listen to tales about a man,
who defies definition.
Listen as I regale you,
with humorous bits of love,
glowing like a star,
to settle in your eye,
come closer love, and listen.

Come closer, now,
and be knowing,
the power of a heart,
that knows where home lingers,
on the end of a finger,
making merry with the echo,
that spins a web of comfort,
come close love, and see. 

Come closer, 
hear the wording,
that rings true with emotion,
a breath that fills an ocean,
a dream that comes to living,
in the power of a kiss,
sent outward from a heart,
that beats only for one forever,
come closer now, and know. 

 Come closer, and hear our story,
 simple, without fame and glory,
the tale of how I love you.
About the future we are carving,
like soft wood under shaping,
come love, come now, and kiss me.

Come light, remind me.

Come light, remember dancing,
lets trim your forgotten wick,
and let the reflection go softer,
let the room find silent sleep,
and embrace the wallpaper pattern,
as they slumber with the drawing ,
of nights more passive voice.

Come light, entice me,
draw my heart to puddles,
to see and know the meaning,
of things I chase like tails,
wondering who I am,
ceaseless as sand,
you rub my rough edges smooth.

Come light, remind me,
of who this spirit echos,
bouncing off the ceiling,
with my ever pulsing feeling,
my thoughts once more a flicker,
like flame set to paper burning.

To be, to see, to know

To travel with you,
and see what you see,
to hear what thoughts percolate,
like the coffee you like to drink.

To shop with you,
and converse about choices,
like kids with giddy excitement,
about the mystery of our choosing.

To make love with you,
warm and quiet,
breath in startled awe,
as we discover quite gently,
it is not about an orgasm.

To be with you,
my hearts greatest echo,
looking into your eyes and seeing,
a reflection of a soul.

Moonlight walk.

The twinkling twist,
of a crinkly eye,
a glint reflected off his smile,
making merry and bright,
with the laughter, and light. 

Turning thoughts over,
like leaves in the wind,
pondering what he finds,
hidden beneath in shadow,
sometimes shadow hides wonder.

twirling with the wind,
as it splashes his head with starlight,
echoes of his joy unending,
as he discovers quite innocently,
just how loved he is.

Sweet spot

More than bodies merging,
into a lust-filled sigh.
We are more than passion
for passion builds, then dies. 

Give me not lip service,
about great love unending,
I seek what I am knowing,
a gift of light descending.

Promise not forever,
for promises will be broken,
speak my name with your loving kiss,
in words of love unspoken. 

Speak not of perfect morning,
each day bright with perfection,
for trial comes to shake a union,
wisdom shines with combined reflection.

Midnight call

Call to my heart this gentle joy, 
this speech that claims my sigh, 
and takes me off to dreaming, 
with a smile upon my lips,
as I think of words spoken,
ever so gently,
into my needy ear,
just when they were needed,
I am but subtle whispers,
overhearing smiles,
as they echo, oh they echo,
ever so wonderous is the wording,
that makes my worry fade,
and my heart rejoice,
his voice, his voice,
my lovers gentle voice.

The wonder in his name.

Come time, dry the tears
that currently vex my spirit, 
bring my heart end of aching
 For I will not be forsaking
that which brings me joyful.
 I am ever mindful of the loss
 as my heart begs his contentment.

Time, return lost faith to his soul
where it is sorely missing,
and most conspicuously blank
waiting for his new page
of wording to be written.

Time, Let him see his potential
for he is writing pages
that have not the true reflection
of his inner worth or future dwelling.
This value I am endless telling
the world just how he loves me
with something that makes a miracle,
seem smaller than a needle, 
and harder to come by haystack.

Time, hear my declaration, 
Oh how his heart shines within his laughing!
his eye so clever giving. 
his endless steps beside me, 
that shows the way, while greiving
the loss of something within him.
He strives but sees not the value
of each stumbling forward motion.

Time, dry these cuts of worry
that coat my heart with patches
as I watch with wringing fingers
his every shadowed calling 
my love cries with his falling
as I walk in silent witness
and wait for him to see
the wonder in his name.