bubble, bubble theres no trouble.

I love the feeling
it’s warm and wet
flooding over my feet
as I kick the drain

Lovely bubbles make my limbs
into islands
subtle scents drift
like flowers to my nose
I squirt some more.

The warm of the water
makes my muscles relax
I lay back and let my mind wander

Splishing and splashing
doing all the things
I tell my child not to do
oops water over the side
naughty mama

I grin at the thought
she would say that I know
I relax and sigh
no banging on the door
no rush to go

I am home alone
and I am taking
a bubbly bath!

I am stubborn.

Stubbornly I refuse,
to let go of what I dream.

the winds pull,
the rain beats down,
the sun heats my tender skin.

but I am stubborn,

I will mock the wind,
“Is that all you got?”
I will mock the rain,
“You missed a spot!”
I will mock the sun,
“I am not done!”

I will not give up,

My dream is my heart,
My dream is my soul,
My dream is what makes my life run,
My dream is what makes my blood beat.

I am stubborn,

more stubborn than the wind.
more stubborn than the rain.
more stubborn than the sun.

so tell me?
what makes you think I will allow you,
a mere man, to stand in my way?
I will not let go.

I will have my dream.

It is not a selfish dream.
It is a dream for good.
It is a dream for right.
It is a dream for peace.

I will have my dream!

I want to save the world,
though I am one woman,

one soul,
one heart,
one mind,

I am one woman who,

You can stand there and shake your head,
certain I am a fool,
or you can move to my back,
and join me,
link hands with me,

let the wind come!
let the rain come!
let the sun come!

I am not one any longer,
with you I am two!
What cannot be done by one,
will be done by many,
but where does many start?

With me.
With you.
With us!

I will not give up,
on my dream!

Have I mentioned,
that I am stubborn?


I know we may get the grumbles

I know we may argue

I know we may not see eye to eye

I know we may have disagreements about finance

I know we may have different views on children

I know we may not share the same religion

I know we may not always like each other


I love you.

I cherish you.

I accept you.

We will overcome

with arms that hold tightly

with ears that listen

and tongues that still

with hearts that reach out

with arms that contain and mold

with minds that know the value

of compromise.

These are not obstacles

these are moments

mere moments that pass

like the waves on the sand

we shall move with the tide

sometimes you will win

sometimes I will win

sometimes we will win

but together

with work

we cannot lose! 

The dragon and the wolf.

You will ponder
You will reflect
it is just who you are.

I look out and trust a star
and make wishes
and believe they will come true.

We are not the same
I am not you
you are not me
and yet we fuse
like the sun and the moon.

I wait for you,
for I accept you
and your ways.

You smile at me,
for you accept me
and my ways.

I stand by the door of your study
I know you are there within
balancing, weighing
protecting those you honor.

I wait patiently
this is who I love.

You lie in the grass beside me
giving me time
to dream and rest
dance among the stars.

You wait patiently,
you love me.

We are not the same
but we are one.

We do not do well apart
one needing the other.

Support blending
from knowing the other well.

despite your way
not being my way

deep and abiding love.

feel the beat.

Walking with the beat
feel my self retreat

feeling it in my feet
dancing in the street

feeling sort of fine
walking a crooked line

Dancing to tunes, I pine.
Wandering like a star
I look up there you are

Wish upon his face
waiting on twilight’s grace

dancing to the sound
twist and turn around

making people start
I move the things in my heart.

I giggle at the looks
they don’t write this stuff in books

I am the maiden strange
I make the cosmos rearrange

taking pleasure in my walk
my feet don’t move..they talk

I feel the mood in my feet
gotta dance that funky beat

even though many stare
my heart is made of air

and I feel so free and light
there is no gloom in sight

you really ought to try
instead of passing by.

Mine. Mine. Mine. All Mine.

just there
at the corner of your mouth
you call it a wrinkle
I call it something to lick
I call it something to covet
I call it mine.

Just there
at the corner of your eye
you call it crow
I call it a crinkle
I call it sexy
I call it mine.

Just there
just under your belly button
that soft place
you call it loose skin
I call it lovely
I call it sensual
I call it mine.




All Mine.

free will..the mate of my soul

We are connected
he and I
with a love that bears all things
our souls joined
in ways that though understood
cannot ever be explained.

To meet in this life
I must hold fast to the knowing
the certainty that lives
in my heart
no matter what my head may be saying,
for it is faith that carries me.

Intelligence has it’s place
and I carry both sides of this coin
in my pocket.
Searching for the revelation
the truth that sets me free
that day will come
whether I ask it to or not

In the end, I will know
faith or mind
which will be the source
of my inner dreams.

Confusion is nothing new.
Yet I sit unsteady at humbles place,
he gives me that nod
for walking a path
most unsteady
and fraught with pain
and bliss
in equal measure.

I wait with my visions
and hope they do not prove false.
Sometimes intuition stings like salt
and sometimes it sooths like mud.

Which I wonder
is he feeling now?
I am given this gift of knowing
yet my hands are tied
by the knowledge
that his path is his choice
and I must wait
for his choice to be known.

We are connected
but fate cannot interfere
with free will
any more than I.

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Tender limb I cling to..

Tender limb I cling to
you are not stable, I know
you bob in the wind
and I hold on tightly
but I will not move!

I chose this limb
I perch upon
not for its strength,
but for the sight
of sunlight above.

My heart needs this light
and through tempest winds
and stinging rain
I watch for the light.

I could hide in shadow,
but that is not my way
though I could be torn
from my perch
here on this clinging vine.

I will not doubt!
I will hold the knowing
deep within my breast!

and sing
and sing
and sing

for though this grip is weak at times
I can see the light
and it is worth all uncertainty
to know that I may one day see
ah me!
the rising of the sun.

The sweetest song..

The following poem is inspired from a Chinese Proverb that goes:
” A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song”
It reminds me of  a poem in the book titled “I know why the caged bird sings” by Mya Angelou found here
The poem is written by Paul Laurence Dunbar (also mentioned in the same article) and he calls it “Sympathy.”

I sing because the wind is high
I sing because I live and die
I sing because the sun is bright
I sing because my souls in flight

I sing because I have a song
I know my place
where I belong

I sing because despite my woes
My song lives on
and the heart, it glows

I sing because I am blessed
with a joy that sings
and a bed to rest

I sing because my soul is free
you cannot stop
what lives in me

I sing because through strife
I have dreamt
I have lived my life.

I sing because I have learned
some songs are given
but the best, are earned.

fires kiss

burning, burning
blaze of night

burning, burning
shining bright

burning, burning
hearts on fire

burning, burning
heat acquire

burning, burning
fevered gaze

burning, burning
endless days

burning, burning
time in ashes

burning, burning
lightening crashes

burning, burning
warmth turned to fire

burning, burning
getting higher

burning, burning
passions lust

burning, burning
turn to dust

burning, burning
the fire roars

burning, burning
forever yours.

I am ready now..

I am ready now

for simple hands so lovely

I am ready now

for eyes that twinkle merry

I am ready now

for a heart that hides a soul

I am ready now

for smiles that beckon

I am ready

I am ready

I am ready

For giggles raised under covers

I am ready now

For contemplative silences

I am ready now

For eagar kisses

I am ready now

For traveling caresses

I am ready

I am ready

I am ready

For mood swings

For worry

For doubt

For intense introspection

For this is what comes about

Life is not a happy dance

it is a complex dance of all

all emotion

all concerns

all things that give

and fall.

I am ready

I am ready

I am ready


Twinkle, Twinkle..

The stars and I
we know a secret
we keep each other company
I am me within their gaze
nothing need be said
I am not required
to be anything more
than that which I am
The moons gaze
is not critical
he welcomes me to come
to pause, reflect,
lay my burdens down
for a moment to forget
who I am
who I must be
what I am expected
to live up to.
The moon does not care
the stars just like to share
my peace is complete
and my heart is at rest
The night is a glove
that cradles my soul
and teaches me to pause
to reflect
to be content
within my mind

I remember who I am
I remember what I know
I remember what is most important
My soul
My heart
My joy
My simple truths
the moment is where I live
the night is where I grow
the stars are where I am
the moon is how I know.

The warrior and the maiden..

He swore none would defeat him.
He would walk alone.
He would brave the deepest cold
Ignore pain of blood and bone.
But love and I, we knew the truth
of inner heart so lost
a soul that beat gentle beneath
though roughly torn and tossed.
love and I, we had the will
to fight and win the day
we would take him within our heart
and soothe his pain away
He cleverly hid his heart down deep
and felt it much defended.
but love and I, we snuck in soft
and soon we had it mended.

My Peace I Give Unto You.

Do you find my smile pleasing?
Do my giggles bend your ear?
Do the things I dare to speak
chase away that doubt and fear?

Do you long to be enfolded
in arms that love you well?
Do you wish to hear the tales
a quirky girl would tell?

Do you hope to stop and rest
in the gentle of my eye?
Do you crave to say hello
instead of endless goodbye?
Well, come now love, gaze upon my smile.
My laughter is not far behind.

Fear and doubt are banished here
only caresses will you find.
Here there is a gentle soul
that bids you come and stay
Remember what it was to be young
to sing, and dance, and play.
Do not mistake this childlike heart
I am not a child.

I am not weak or powerless
there is strength in sweet and mild.
I am a woman who has seen the dark
and come out the other side.
I do not fear the hard of life
I will not run or hide.

Instead I prepare a place
for others to find their pause
this is my purpose
this is my goal
this is my lifetimes cause.

Me, Myself, and I…a conversation..

She loves that song
I know she does

she has played it 22 times
I counted,

When will she stop
sometime next week

why do you tolerate it?
cause it makes her happy

you must love her a lot
yeah, I do

she’s a little strange isn’t she?
what do you mean by that?

um..no offense…I just
yeah, she’s like her mom

ok, ok, sorry..gosh…
so long as we understand each other

we do..we really do


When I get quirky
you better watch out
for I may just leap
or I may just shout.

Sometimes I stand
on my head,
it is true!
I am not crazy
I just like the view.

Sometimes I giggle
cause the love overflows
and nobody cares
cause nobody knows.

Sometimes I am cheerful
and smile at the ceiling
cause I figure he knows
just how I’m feeling.

Sometimes I dance
alone in the dark
without any light
I can still see a spark.

Sometimes just like Alice
I like things to get crazy
when people get active
forgetting to be lazy.

When bubbles of laughter
come popping like flowers
I could watch it all day
I could live it for hours.

When I get this way love
no one can contain
I just have to spin
and play hopscotch in the rain.

Cause life is so quick now
here and then not
we’ve got to jump forward
and begin on the spot.

Sometimes I am wacky
and lie down on the lawn
cause life is just too quick dear
one second you’re here
then sudden,
It’s gone.