Brightest is the star that shines..

Brightest is the star that shines
vigilantly before the dawn,
holding hope most tirelessly
for those who seek lights knowing
star, star, keep on glowing.

Strongest is the breath that comes
as stilling is a body
holding the essence of life forgotten
for those who seek the hearing
breath, breath, keep on flowing.

Wildest is the wind that blows
refuses to bow under,
holding aback the ceaseless moaning,
for those who seek the calming
wind, wind, keep on blowing.

gentle is the quiet night
that echoes shadows keeping
holding back the harsh light of discovery
for those who seek the resting
love, love keep on showing.

Starlight starling.

Sweep me up into tide-pools of laughter,
hold me glowing in your palm,
make me a dreamers serenity,
echo the worlds rhythm off my tongue.

Shining let my wisdom slip,
let innocent mistakes find forgiveness,
make me a simple honesty,
reflect the shore salt off my lips.

Turn me from my fated path,
let my worries fade like morning,
make the weakness steal my sin,
drift me off to better seeing.

Forever more,
let me be a star,
and twinkle your light before me,
so I may know loving acceptance,
of even my harshest critic
that which resides in me.

Give not taken.

take this naked hunger,
my overwhelming thirst
something once spoken, into my mouth
uttered about shame and clever embarrassment
made to sew my lips closed
a barb stuck in my skin and left to fester
finely, he plucked them out,
and freed my throat for nibbling,
and other wordless passions.

take this moaning tremble
my overabundant affection
overflowing steam,
that turns and curls about you,
clings with loving proximity,
that which beats within you,
for now my heart’s awoken,
tuck me in so we can sleep together.

return to the beginning.

Stumbling through my changes,
learning to love my smile,
waiting on a thread of time,
feeling each tumbling mile,
as it passes from my heart to my feet.

Looking forward to the sunrise,
conversing with my eyes,
learning conversation,
without the threat of lies,
ceasless, as it whispers loving chant.

Take this body, acceptance
become some newer hope,
find answers to your wonders,
and learn at last to cope,
with something to lean on sturdy.

it is me and my soul’s reflection,
a deeper shuttering pause,
to seek and find and become wise,
a trust with solid cause,
return to the beginning, that should have been all along.

Banter giggles

Deep hearts chuckle
bending my heart with mirth
and joyful surrender.

I let my body erupt
in tears, and crouch with laughing
as I feel the happy overwhelm
the confines of my face.

I am gleefully aware
that I am, for this moment,
more than I ever wondered to be.

Ah! How pleasure sings for me
with the placing of your humor,
nudges me with it’s foot.

The joy is in the sharing
as well as in the gifting
of your banter.


Quick stepping, mind leaping,
like a gazelle with flighty responses..
always longing to leap away,
and find that peaceful stride,
that marks my wandering.

I look north and wonder,
if the bright sun will hover over,
this beating heart of mine,
as I ponder greatness
not my own…
yet strangely loved,
as my own skin is loved.

I gaze down and think of wind,
through my hair,
when I was a child,
heedless of weathered sayings,
that said I could not run,
Oh! How I ran…
my hair streaming behind me,
as I let joy be my body,
and my laugh light candles.

Quick stepping, mind leaping
ever forward go..
where I stop, where I land
only the stars could know,
and they are not into confession.

Wisdom is his kenning.

He lingers on a worry
timeless thoughts to ponder
as he holds his stance crooked
his head tilted toward me
ever listening to my breathing.

He shuffles feet unplanted
waiting out my huffing
knowing I will take his calm
and nestle down for sleeping
once I am knowing peaceful
he shares his palm with me.

He waits here with my frowning
certain it will slow be upside-downing
for timelessly he wanders
to curl up in my tender
and pace me off to dreaming
ever wisdom is his kenning.

Bella Luna.

Essential hands, please hold me,
teach me, right from wrong.
confront and enfold me,
 ever understanding song. 

Let the crescent moon collect
ever traces at my feet, 
that memory, of winters face, 
solemnity complete.

With peaceful steps
I walk this path,
that once burned skin to linger
and now I sigh, in patience palm,
my head rests on her finger.

I perch among the thoughtful sorts
who long have known my theory,
that gladness comes for those who strive,
complete while weak and weary.

 Let light shine forth,and light my smile,
let fireflies glow with living, 
I have found my peace in love, 
and my strength in selfless giving.

We must have met in heaven..

We must have met in heaven,
when the angels were not looking,
wandered off together,
to have ourselves an adventure.

You pulled my hand,
as you ran,
delighting me with vigor,
and thoughtful was your looking
for any obstacle, should it befall us. 

You must have made me giggle,
for I have joy as my companion,
birthed from sunlight you gave to me,
that day upon a cloud.

We must have met in heaven,
 though, it was not my turn,
our fun was at an end
when an English stork came calling.

I bet I set to weeping,
which explains the overabundance
of patience in your manner,
you quieted me with kisses,
and the angels wept for our parting. 

The angels  might have tried to calm me,
but I had lost my partner,
my friend in heart and spirit,
and somehow it hurt to hear it,
so they sent me on to find you.

Now, I can hear the music,
that trembles with great feeling,
for the rift we had is healing,
once more my sweet companion,
to wander within a lifetime.

Free bird.

halfway down the stairs,
is where I found him,
neither up, or down
though he tried to hide it,
afraid I would give  up on him.

Instead I sat beside him,
and reached to cup an echo,
that called my heart to home.
I knew my placement puzzle,
would fit just so within him,
one just knows these completions.

he looked at me in introspection,
far to confounded to be clever,
though, he is sexy ever,
(this I may have mentioned
in a poem or two before), 
his heart shut fast his door
and refused to let him wander.

So here he sits in fearful,
cause his eyes have known a tearing,
so many lost hellos,
his heart is faint from bleeding,
he sits afraid of the journey,
his soul has already set him.

I sit here, waiting for him.
What is time to a lover,
who has found her match!
So long as I can stay beside him,
I mind not this little perching.
He is my greatest need,
and where his heart ledges,
I will make my song.


He is a thinker,
a worry contemplater,
as he mulls over his souls fears,
against his hearts wishes.

He is a ponderer,
an introspective sorter,
as he studies every wrinkle
and signifies each sigh,
with thoughtful meaning. 

I wait on his echo,
as he listens to my singing,
as I gently remind,
he need not attempt to win my heart,
it’s already in his pocket. 

I listen for his footstep, 
as he returns from journey,
his soul needed time to examine,
all that he’s wishing after,
his secret garden discovered.

Each breath taken..

Each breath taken all alone
is like a wasted tear
breaking my heart with worry
that I am more alone
then ever before your loving
for now I know whats missing.

Each breath taken
brings my soul some worry
will he take back his smile
and leave me lost forgotten?

Each breath taken
is glued with faith
belief in something stronger
though fretting is a hobby
that I pacing long to forget.

Each breath taken
closer now to cherish
I hope my heart not perish
fear is the enemy of loving.

Handkerchief in my pocket..(poem of a waiting room)

knotted handkerchief abused
by tense hands and twining fingers
the clutch of something
that makes hands unable
to steady, relax, lay still.

The fabric reveals a thought
of all that could be broken
bears the brunt of words unspoken
and worries that slither deftly
underneath a guarded hope
as it gives voice to fear
forbidden, and pushed away.

The hands reveal a thinking
circling the mind like pecking birds
as one thought repeats and is forced westward
“something bad will happen, something bad will happen”

One slender thought holds sanity
“It will be alright, it has to be, have faith, believe in love”
Pray and wait..pray and wait..
no matter the outcome
the hands have released the feeling
as a handkerchief bears witness
to life being lived.