The dreamers smile.

It starts with a twinkle
a gentle light that beckons in your eye
a silent witness to thoughts
that tempt and tease
and hint at pleasure.

A witty remark is coming,
it revealed itself just then.

Your mouth purses
as if unsure if it can trust
that twinkle
it is wise to your ways
it knows you far too well.

A laugh bursts forth
and the mouth gives a defeated sigh
and smiles, cause it loves to be happy.

Your face changes
like a light switched on
the whole of you
revealed in a flash
that makes watchers gasp
and lean forward
in their seats.

The most amazing part of this
is that I know
that this outer you
is but a small
infinitesimal part
that makes up the whole
of you.

If they only knew
the inner sanctum
the corridors that live
inside your wondrous heart
the glowing center
of your core
that keeps and holds
that infinite spark
that is you.

You amaze me
send me into spirals of awe
at the sweetness that is
the very essence
of who you are.

If they only but knew
what I know.
The women you know must be blind.
Thank God.

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A love that bares it’s teeth.

There is something so comforting
about sleeping children
the rise and fall of their chests
as they take each breath.

The sheer abandon
with which
they embrace the folds of sleep
faces clear of all concern

If you cannot resist
like I cannot
you smooth a bit of hair
caress a cheek soft as dew
and ponder
this tight feeling
that has lodged itself
into your breast.

a fierceness
a protective feeling
that comes and snarls
for just a moment
reminding you
that this you will protect
at all costs
til death if need be.

This is something
that defines one
as a parent
as a loving protector
as a connected heart

To know such peace
such innocence
I would gladly give
all I am.

I think of those
without this gift
and wish
with my whole heart
that I could gift them
with a dream
a hope
a solemn wish
such as I have been given.

Children are
the thing that makes one young
not cars
not money
not career or success

with their complete love
and deeply profound.

This creates
in those who love them
a baring of teeth
to anyone
who would harm
or destroy
any child
any child at all
for once you know the love of one
you love them all.

Life reborn

To dream this dream
I had to be willing
to zipper open my skin
reach in and pluck out
truths that hurt.

some of them had barbs
that tore my flesh
as I pulled them free

others came
with a sigh
of relief
and joy.

Some were not sure they were welcome
in the cool damp air
of the moons silent comfort

Some were angry
not liking change
and movement.

Some were quite happy to come
so long as they knew I was
working on something

gently I regarded each one
with honor
for even painful truths
have merit.

Some I set free
to become something else

Some I gently chided
and taught a better way
these truth I had to be stern with

for I needed them still
but wanted them to know
they were not going
to get away with old ways
any longer.

Some I examined for flaws
and found none.

These I kissed,
and placed gently back
inside my heart
with reverence
and joy.

I keep reaching in
and finding more
that I had not seen
in years.

All come forth
and I learn
that each one
brings me closer
to the music
I hear
when I pause
in my labors.

the drumbeat
of a life

Countdown to charity drive!

I am making plans and getting my act together on this charity drive. I have some things to get done before I can declare open season on this project. I am not even sure it will be successful or not. One thing is for sure, it will not be for lack of effort on my part. It may take me a few weeks to get set up, I am methodical and careful like a turtle, slower…but more ready once I get there. I will make sure all my T’s are crossed before I start, cause I do not want to mess up something I care about. Here is the post from my blog this morning giving an idea of where I am on my quest…All ideas welcome.

Today’s Post

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It is all that she can do.

She holds out her hand

because it is all that she can do

she knows begging works

and it’s all that she can do

she has seen death in multitudes

she has seen the price of help

she knows no pride

she cannot afford it anyway

she is not afraid to beg

she knows only that it works

and it is all that she can do

dignity has no place

in a dirty shirt.

and she has never made it’s acquaintance

she knows only need

and kind faces

that give when she begs

and it is all that she can do.

But it is not all I can do.

I see her need for dignity

I see her need for medical care

I see her right to love

I see her right to not have to beg

for what should be

a right

on such a fertile planet

with such bloated wealth.

I know,

so I do not stop my labors

to give her more than just food

more than just money

I want to elevate her

help her up

so she never needs to beg again

It is the least I can do.

Simple Poetry

I am a simple poet.
I do not need big words
to fill my heart
with false pride.

My people are a common people.
They feel my heart
and know my soul.

With love like this
who needs to prove
where tranquility
is better shared?

The words of my heart
are not simple concepts
though written in words
quite plain.

I bare them,
knowing as I do,
that one who speaks plainly
is just as wise
as one who speaks
of complex things
farther reached
and higher placed
then these simple truths
I examine
and share.

Are the thoughts I have
any less significant
for having been
examined by many before me?

Am I not also worthy
of your high brow examination
of my quiet
and heartfelt truths?

Do my words not make you think
and examine,
and wonder,
just as much
as a piece of artwork
hung in the finest
of museums?

Are my thoughts on things
we all feel,
and know,
and dream,
and ache for,
not just as worthy
of honor
and respect?

To you these are just poems.
A messing about with words.
Simple and clumsily placed.

To me they are a quilt
of my life’s work
my life’s hurt
my hearts lessons
my souls path
my poets core
my inner truths.

I am a simple poet
but,I am a poet,
with something
significant to say
if you would only
stop and hear it.

Searching for truth..

How slowly the time goes
when you are looking for truth
when you are clinging to hope
on slender threads
afraid they will snap
and you will fall.

How like a sticky spider web
the path I must walk
each lesson clinging
to my fingers and toes

I must stop often
and examine the pattern
for I must learn all the time
else why am I walking at all?

I work with my heart
and I challenge my soul
I bring bitter truths to the light
so they may dry in the sun
and turn to dust

I also bring forth gems
I didn’t know I had hidden
deep within my breast
where I nurtured them
for a day distant
when they would be

I walk this path
though sometimes I tire
and fear
and fret
and convince myself I am wrong
to try
to hope
to heal
but I know one thing
and that one thing
makes me stand
and walk this path.

Though my body cries out
in fear
in pain
in longing
one thing
the fact
the truth
the solemn knowledge
that my path leads
I have never been
but have always wanted
to find.

I walk
and I hope
that I will know
what to do
when I get there.

Inner Sappy.

When life makes you frown
and you feel kinda sad
don’t let it bother you,
don’t you feel to bad.

Just stand on your bed
and bounce like a loon,
turn on some music
dance about the room.

Make funny faces in the mirror
until you both smile,
with a little bit of joy
you’ll feel better in a while.

Just let your inner glow
fill you up with happy,
let yourself see blessings
embrace your inner sappy!!

My dream man..

I think about you

and wonder

what you will be like

what you would say

to things I am thinking

creating dialogs

in my head

generally my comebacks

are cheeky and well-thought out

mostly cause I had hours

to come up with them.

even then

you often win the argument

how cracked is that?

I smile when I am walking

imagining you are walking with me

hearing the things I hear

and giggling at the same sights

the truth is

I have you here

in my mind

and in my heart


how comforting

an imagination can be

when it comforts

and eases

the sharpness of a day

and the loneliness of a night.

I wonder sometimes

what you are like

because dreams

though pleasant

are 1 dimensional

and I want all dimensions

even the ones that are grumpy

and picky

and just plain inconvenient

at times.

Given the choice

I would choose the you

that is

to the you

that I dream of.

call me quirky

but I think

I love you best

when you are the you

that is you

and not the you

that lives

in my head..

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I am really excited by this idea and hope to eventually reach my goal of $10,000 dollars earned for charity! If this takes off I may ask my poet friends to join me in writing peoms for a good cause or maybe just have them add my button to their blogs encouraging visitors to visit and donate!


What is wealth but something tangible

that creates a wall

that cannot be breached

by love?

What need have I of money

when all that I need

is within your eyes

your heart

your hands?

give me instead

the wealth of your love

the richness of your kiss

the generosity of your touch

holding me close.

I need not your money.

I will turn it down

if offered.

I want to be

who I am becoming.


and strong

offer me not monetary support

offer instead

emotional support


and comfort.

I will find my own way

I ask only

for what wealth

you have within your heart

to offer,

with that

I will be greatly blessed

with a richness

and comfort

that money

in it’s cold lack of feeling

could never hope to give

or convey,

the way one look in your loving eye


true love

Time waits for no mouse..

Time is not always a friend.
He rushes by,
in a hurry.
He takes away my breath,
and causes me to pause,
in my labors,
and wonder at,
the changes I have missed,
while blinking.

He is not kind,
but he is not,
without a purpose.
He reminds us,
that we have dreams to chase,
that we cannot wait,
for that free day to come,
cause free days never do,
and in the end,
we either make our chances,
or miss our life,

what dream will you find today?
what hope will you reach for?
what would you do with life
if you had only this one day
to do it?

I am made whole.

Today the past is gone

and I am made whole anew

I feel the presence

of love

in my heart

and I am at peace

at last!

I am found

I am joy

I am complete


my soul has been




I am whole.

With tears

in my eyes

and faith

in my heart

I regain

what once was taken

from me

my soul,

my peace,

my love,

my faith,

my serenity,

my universe.

I am at peace

and my heart


to the tomorrow


before me.

The thinker..

I love to watch him thinking
hand upon one cheek
gazing rapt
upon a page
with anything near his hands

little flighty birds
that lift and land gracefully
as he concentrates
on the thoughts
in his mind.

His legs doing a
bumpety bump
his feet dance along
the rung of the chair
if nothing else
convenient can be found

I sigh
with deep affection
and wonder
how he could not but realize
the beauty in his pose
making my heart clench
and shudder
with emotions repressed and
deeply felt.

I love to watch him thinking
because when he is thinking
he is unaware of my stare
and I can drink him in


Longing for light.

shivers up and down my spine

not quite sure, but I feel less than fine.

I am awakened to the tremor in me

I search the dark, are you looking there to see?

am I but a picture of hope in rags?

do my eyes change as the under-skin bags?

are you waiting there, or am I alone?

am I too late..never a kiss to be known?

I cling to the light I see in your eye

I will not let go, cannot bear to say goodbye.

release me not, for my heart would cry

my soul would crash, my spirit would die

no thinking required, I would weep

I search, and I search the dark and the deep.

believe not the words they hiss in your ear

do you not know the truth of me dear?

do they make sense with their forked words?

or are they more resembling the pecking of birds?

looking for scraps of blood to draw forth from skin

taking you far from where I have been?

fight my love, do not bar the door

for if this shuts fast….we will be possible no more.

The voice that stills me..

The tinkle of laughter that ever flows, lightly over my heart

paused a moment in contemplation, losing it’s momentum

and for the first time in stilled.

I was caught helplessly motionless by the sound of your voice

 and your head, though turned away if feeling my regard.

and then..while I struggled to hide my captured gaze

you turned, neatly, and looked behind you

right into my eyes.

I knew a blush then, and quickly

averted my gaze, down and away.

and I knew in that moment

the restarting of my heart

for quite certainly it was racing, like a gazelle

my mind a turbulent place of reflection and desire

I sought with frightened tremor to hide

that which the simple sound

of your voice had caused in me

like a pain that one knows

in seeing it on the face of another

was never meant for their gaze.