Paint me a soul!

Do you know what I think?
I think living is rather grand!

We are born like a work of art.
after months
and months
of careful labor.

Our blood and bone
is in our very creation.

The maker lays a spark
of something unique and different
in each and every soul
as we draw our very first

We are surrounded
by admirers
the moment we are
to the world at large.

Who can resist the allure
of something newly

We are given
that feel
and fly
and burst forth
with passion

and these
most wonderful
of emotions

Who cannot see
within themselves
this most wondrous
of truths?

Life is
a miracle
and a miracle
is we!

You are art
I am art
We are masterpieces
made from love!
You and me!

I think
that living
is rather grand
don’t you?

Food for thought..

I can hear them talking about me.

I try to ignore

their laughter,

thier cruel


at my expense.




oh so sinful!


of leftover

birthday cake

in the fridge.

Each and every one of them

thinks they are

so very clever,

and they know

I am standing here

with drool on my chin

on the other side

of the door.

They mock my dietary pain!

The ice cream is

growing suspicious

and has sent

his minions,

the frozen peas,

to investigate.

I am left

shaking my fist

at the traitorous


Why have you

forsaken me?

You frozen



I wipe the drool

off my face

and straighten my spine.

If they are not




I may





Serious Friendship


this mind of mine

 makes me roll my eyes

cause, even I cannot take me seriously

at times.

Then there are those other times

when I am all too serious

and sincere

 in my regard.


 the softness

of my gaze

and my most

serious thoughts

exists the wisdom

and effort

of a caring friend.

Friendship is full

of gentle laughter

but it is never once

a laughing matter.

Friendship is serious business

cause, we all need to know

at the end of the day,

that someone loves,

and accepts,

and quite simply sees us.

The real us,

the true us,

the incomplete,

and flawed,

and not always certain,



who are thus engaged,

are always quite


Though laughter

is my inner core,

I am always,


quite serious

about being

a friend.

Work of art.

I stand before him
ready to give my love
but he fears my heart a prison
and cups his heart in fear.

I do not hurry
in my joy
to force his choice or thought
he must learn me if he will

I wait patient for his need
one must not rush
what is precious
or doom would be the stop

he must learn me
see my patient stillness
hurry love?
Never I!

I know the detail of it
the graceful lines
the intricate carvings
art this fine is never done
with clumsy, hurried pace

When one seeks love
this precious
crafted over time so carefully
with such gentle hands
he has made
of his heart the finest work
this eye has ever seen

These tears
come simply
gazing upon such wonder
such peaceful beauty
rush this artist before me?
Not I!!

When he has considered me
and found my touch gentle
as his own
I pray
he will consider then
opening his hand
that clutching palm
and allow
my sight to see
his heart so carefully rendered

and in seeing my pleasure
my honest awe and  respect
for such fine work
perhaps then my heart wonders
perhaps then he will allow
my hand to brush his own
my eye to meet his eye
my heart
to be gently laid
into his waiting chest.

His chest shivering and tired
in need of the heat within my own
Hurry this moment?
Not I my love
Never I.
I’d rather die.

sleep love sleep

Your mind is a whirl of motion
with so much to focus on
is it any wonder
that sleep eludes?

Let this hand provide you
with an easing of your soul
rest your weary mind
and calm your restless heart

I am not disappearing
my light will not go out
I am here
lighting your way

sleep love
rest that heart that worries

sleep love
do not fear to close your eyes

I am with you in your dreams
and I am not going anywhere
without you.
sleep love


Mind in motion

Knowledge is what I seek
each moment
each day
each week
to all my little wisdom earn
to take up a thought
and my world to learn.

To become more than this simple mind
to walk my path
to seek
to find
to transform these hands
into tools divine
to create
to impart
to define.

I am one who thirsts
for things that make minds grow
to change
to give
to know.

I am a body in motion
that seeks to inspire the inner me
to earn
to see
to be.

I am a student
of the inner workings of we
to release
to let go
to free.

Leaping the flame

I will live
and I will live now

I will grasp
my heartmost desire
dawning with joy
burning like fire

I will leap and dance
to be welcome in your heart

I will climb this mountain

I will do my part.

I will suffer gladly
to be still at your side

I will not run from this
I will not hide

We are together
one vison
one aim
one longing wish, one goal

to hear you call my name.

realistic, romantic, poet

I wish I were not such a romantic
talking to love
as if he existed
in my gaze.

Romantics are fools
with glasses that see
what they want
what they desire
what they seek
what they long to find.

Romantic poets
are even worse
they know
what they want
they can almost touch
the love of their heart
but never quite find
whats worse than a romantic poet?

A realistic romantic poet!
such as I am
such as I be
such as I fear
I shall always see..
in my mirror
gazing back
at me.


I see you there.

I see you there.
You think you are hiding
but I see you.
I just pretend
that I do not.
I know you’re struggling
cause, you refuse to ask for help


I am waiting only
for a small sigh
to escape
for a small sign
that you have acknowledged
that you are not
a character
in a movie
but a man
with blood and bone
smile and cheer
pain and fear

A heart that longs
despite many attempts
to run and struggle
within the boundaries
of your world.
I see you there,
have always seen you.
The real you.
That boy who wants
nothing more
than to play
and dance
and watch sports
on television.

Being a grown-up
doesn’t mean
never embracing
child-like joy

silly boy.

so give it up already will you?
give a sigh
and lift your gaze
and see me
waiting for you
to acknowledge me
so I  can help
lighten your load
ease that ache
love that damned stubborn heart.

I know you.
bet you didn’t know
but I do.


I gaze at the person in the mirror.
She insists on sticking out her tongue,
how juvenile
and silli.

Yes, I know it is spelled wrong.
She likes to make people glare.
She likes to challenge them
with thinking outside
that cardboard box.

Why is a rule always the rule…forever?
Why am I not allowed
the luxury
of mi-spelled words?

Why can’t I wear my purple socks
the way you wear your burgundy
oxford tie?

Burgundy is not purple
that’s why it is called burgundy.
They want to ensure it is called
a boring name as well.

Why is silliness looked upon
with a grin of derision
and pity?

If but you only knew
that it is I
who pities you.

with your rigid dreams

with your endless pointless debates

with that heart hidden
that soul wrapped in bubble wrap
that inner core
that longs
for someone silli
like me
to make your tie
turn a strangely
shade of

Lovers Challenge

I challenge you, my love,
to take a chance on me.
Give that worrisome heart a flick
and tell it you will do
as you will do.
For once obeying your heart
and not your head.

I challenge you, my love,
to find your bliss
where it lives.
Intellect can do so much for you
but for matters of the heart
intellect kills
and maims
with doubt,
and worry.

I challenge you
to explore,
to see,
to learn,
what lies in me
what makes me tick
what makes me tock.
To find that question
and ask it
without thinking first
of all the ways
and wherefores
that it could fail.

Seek to be
a heartbeat
and not
a worrisome thought.

If Fate Had A Door

If fate had a door
I’d walk right through
and press my hand to yours.

I’d waste the hours
with you in the flowers
tasting the new morning dew.

Id let laughter rise
and cover your eyes
with merriment, giggles and joy.

I’d last all daylight
without fervor or fight
just basking in the glow of your eye.

If fate had a door and a way to see you
I’d run to that door
and beat my way through.

Without you

I miss you
though we have never met.

Your hand has never held mine
your kiss I have never felt
your eyes have never gazed
into mine
with affection

without you
I am just here
with things I wish I could share

Without you
I am lost in thought
with no one to share them with

Without you I am missing
with no one to come and find me.

Without you I am tired
with no one to rest with me
in arms that claim me
and call me their own

Without you
I am

I miss you.