Anger that knows me…

I feel an old fire burning,
it’s touch is subtle seductive heat
that lingers on my fingers
and mocks my mouth to open
and deliver, that which can ravage
and destroy.

I am this place no longer
and refuse to pierce hearts
that seek explosions
for no more reason
than to watch the pretty fireworks
they have created.

I let die the single flicker
that threatens to engulf my contentment
and I forgive
for it is divinely felt
though, not deserved.

Go elsewhere to start your fires,
I would rather sit in this bucket
of cold, cold, water.

Rock me gently..

I am being stupid,
and I wonder why,
I need a quirky song,
to sing my lullaby,
and rock me gently,
back to sleep,
where I dream and sigh,
instead of weep.

I am being fretful,
afraid of this big dream,
enormous is my heart,
and it pounds so loudly,
I cannot hear my contentment,
whispering me to calm,
and reminding me of something,
I knew all along,
love wins.

Make me a lifetime poem..

Make me a shadow,
cover up my flaws,
lead my heart to quiet places,
and love me soft and low.

Make me a starlight twinkle,
light my hair with glory,
show my eyes that love can sparkle,
and glow like something precious found.

Make me a quiet wind,
blow gently in my hearing,
so I will not be forgetting,
just how much I am loved. 

Make me a lifetime poem,
places for us alone,
where I can be me,
and you can be you,
and we can be together.

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Rolling stone..

One for my baby,
and one more for the road

hit me with this pattern,
embrace me with this path,
I cannot be what she needs,
to make her smile and laugh

I am just a man who listens,
and hears the calling step,
one for my baby,
and one more for the road

Hard road that is my lover,
she guides my feet ever onward,
making me less committed,
then the heart tells me she deserves

Oh life, she is a bitch,
as she questions me to thinking,
always of the next towns thought,
ever of pacing need to move

This life is not so steady,
my baby left behind me,
one for my baby,
and one more for the road.

Star dance

Swinging on a snowflake
laughing with the light
I let the twirl take over
the moon beams at the sight.

Leaping on a whisper
dipping in a swoon
I let the joy take over
sweet reflections of a tune.

Hitching my wagon to a star
I make a wish and ponder
I let the spirit move my soul
my heart set free to wander.

Riding a sliver cloud in starlight
I make a quiet prayer
I let the love become a sigh
my dreams embrace the air.


I contemplate my needle
and stare in deep concentration,
as I follow the thread of conversation
that echoes through my fingers. 

x marks the spot 
lined up like penny soldiers
quite handsomely placed
and properly aligned.

I whistle a tune
and trace a pattern
as my gaze sees sights not yet created,
frogging is not welcome
but fully expected.

I wind my time swiftly,
amazed by progressive sights
as I pass another hour
sewing a tree, a  bird, a flower.

My eyes merry twinkle,
my art is in my hands
my every emotion reflected
in each bright thread I weave.


Look deeply and see
what you cannot believe
this commitment to his heart
that not one word can shake
I know what I know
and I will not let go.

Speak doubting words to my ears
I will only shut them out
for I know what I know
despite your frowning composure
and endless false debate
over my heart you think so fickle.

Speak into my ears, but know,
that my heart is elsewhere wandering
as I am gently pondering
how best to disengage
from your non-accepting ways
and endless lack of support
I grow weary of your lack of seeing.

I know what I know
and can only wait for time
to teach you, rather like a slow moving lesson
just what my soul speaks of
in words you are not equipped to hear.
I close inward with your faith tarnished.

I miss you.

Laughter is missing in my ear.
Sweet melody of concerning lingering
without it I am restless, lost, bewildered,
a ship without a sea.

I wait here with an open sigh
your voice is my lulluby
and I am sleepless left without
wondering what days are all about
if their passing brings not you.

I wait here listless with a gaping moan
feeling somehow bereft, alone
though endless people share my sight 
I find myself awake at night
Listening for you breathing.

Smiles are missing in my heart
that comforting sigh of welcome
that makes me feel my soul fly
and my body gently settle.

I miss you,
I miss you,
the world is not beauty without you.

Once I wandered..

Once, I wondered who I was
just who I was meant to be,
and then I turned and saw you smile,
heaven was there for me.

Once, I feared I could not stand,
my body weak and weary,
and then I turned and found support,
from a heart quite warm and cheery.  

Once, I wondered what I needed
what things I could not ignore,
and then I turned and found your love,
propped up by the door.

Once, I wondered where I belong,
my heart both bruised and sore,
and then I turned and found your heart,
I don’t worry anymore.


There are dirty dishes piled in the sink
paper along the floor
the house was left in just this state
so hard to just ignore.

The dust is getting deeper
an inch fell just this morning
and the state of the dinner plate
someone should shout a warning.

Disgraceful are the curtains
having not been laundered
in many moons or so
the time for sewing squandered,

 There are windows that need washing
and someone should sweep the floor
not to mention the Christmas lights
and the wreath still on the door.

Clearly cleaning is not the focus
the place knows not good cleaning
but the bedroom echos with her laugh
there is no hidden meaning.

Every test would greatly fail
there will be no white gloving
instead of working on the house
they work upon their loving.

Messes, piles, endless clutter
making the faint heart fear 
 this house has a stable core
no cleaning needed here.