Love is, love was, love will be

There he is my heart

though he has yet to know it

for quietly I keep my knowledge

held close to me

just a moment more

I cherish the words

and enjoy the secret

of my hearts choice

before giving word to feeling

and confessing all

I wait here

with pleasant thoughts


for knowing your reaction

is almost as good as knowing my own joy

for loving

and being loved

is there any happier moment born

then knowing love is

before it is ever spoken?


She made him quite angry

how dare she make him love her

how dare she make him think

quite too much about her smile

quite too much about her laugh

quite to much about her breasts

her lips

her hands

her hair

how dare she interfer

with things more scientific

he was prepared for work

to toil

to burden

to grind

to work tirelessly

each day and night

to give his soul over

for the passion that lives in his computer

is the passion that he can control

damn her for this feeling

that quite like a light

came to flash

in his face

and make him blink

and notice

just how much he had been missing

he felt quite doomed

in fact

this moment

of his own awakening

this day he cursed

but one day would bless

with an eye newly born

and a heart newly opened.

Frozen thoughts

Rodin knew you first

and your gaze is just as intent

and focused inward

as any made flesh by art

seek not these confines

ponder rather more textured thoughts

that which brings you cover

and comfort.

For what man could survive

that which bows the back of others

not truly real

or lost?

stranded in a smile unknowing of my thoughts

that you are alone

by choice rather then design

and this fear rises in me

for I fear with trembling lashes

that you will ever be a Rodin

and never a man complete

until you awaken

and break the pose that holds you

immobile things need a reason

an object at rest

wants to stay at rest

I pray my words move you

awaken back to me

for if not you will be

just a statue

and never again a man.

Work ready.

Smooth velvet is his voice
and he blushes so prettily
most unique in one his age

I do not tell him I am delighted
for I make blushes too
and his smile, though shyly given
is most certainly sincere

this makes a heart happy
for simple is something
that I am at my core
quite glad to see reflected

eyes that have seen too much
and hurt to deeply

broken pieces can mend
if one looks for the pieces
I present to you
my microscope
and my tweezers.

I am here to work.

Steeling in

I stand by you

with my imperfect soul at the ready

to point out that you need not be

so very proper all the time

curse fate

curse words

curse of love not felt

or given

I stand by you

and wait

for the eyes that are weary

so I may soothe them

with smiles lighter

and more simply given

when the heavy has a weight

that presses

most intimately

along ones spine

seeking to break your back

but you need not worry

you have a steel spine


traveling lesson

I cupped my hands together
and willed the worry away.

There is time to linger.
No more will I cry today.

I look up the view
and imagine the lives distant.

I stand here in dirty shoes
and ponder my heart most gently
for not wanting to disturb
the thoughts that are sleeping.

I walk the edge of happy.
Mixed with remorse for work done

I am growing pains undaunted
here is where I belong
but, not the place.

I look and seek my home.
One day I will find it
and I will be at the door
to his heart
knowing I am welcome.


Isn’t he fine

this sunbeam man?

With glowing eyes that shine like stars

and hands that hold a flame

and a mind that embraces

encompasses and encases

thoughts that make others stare

he is so unaware

so uncertain is his manner

you want to tilt his face

and put it back to where it started

before doubt was allowed entrance

and loneliness chased his heart to danger.

I linger here on the edge of tear

wanting to give him a message

but it’s bottled up

like a rose and a cup

without water he is unnourished

and he drinks not from the dew of morning

I crane my neck

and try to be interesting

so he might glance and find me fine

so desperate for his notice

I wonder if he knows

just how long I ponder

the curling of his toes.

Peek into something

I love the shy of your smile
the way it peeks out of you
like a little boy
wanting to play
while twinkles flicker
like wee stars in those eyes.

He sneaks glances
from the corners of his chocolate eyes
melting me completely
with raven locks
that threaten to fly
and cannot be told
to sit still and behave.

I see the grown man.
He is bowed by time
and has had lessons forced
and lessons seen.

He has become wise and strong
and knows his heart
like a well-read novel,
much used and gently handled

I see that young man
wistful and committed
looking for what his heart seeks
certain that time will reward his labor
with a sudden moment of clarity
and deep bonded surprise
that never quite loses enchantment

When I look upon you
I see you as you are
as you have been
as you were meant to be.

You are a miracle at any measure
and my heart loves you completely
in every age and form.

Hubba Hubba..

He thinks I am insane
but in a loving way
that bids me welcome

tilted head most becoming
those twinkles are just not fair
and the inkiness of his hair
brings to mind endless fingers

rushing to touch that ear
while wishing I had the wit
to flirt like others do

I am too frank
though, not bold
I tremble to think what I would do
if he smiled that smile directly
instead of out the corner
of an ever winking eye




What a guy!!

Wake me not today

I have lived a life with you already

though daydreams do not count

more is the pity

for we had a rather jolly time of it

making faces at each other

while others pondered

our sanity

Our hands held fast

while the rocking began

truth spoken in whispers

filled with passionate hopes

solid foundations

built upon strong ground

Oh how the rolling tides did tug

but we cut a rug

and made it into a cheerful dance

of time and memory

wicked cool disagreements

made better with breathless giggles

as I accept

and you accept

and life was gone together

a dream lived deep

while I was asleep

hit the snooze alarm and return dear.

Speak plainly or not at all

Perchance you should glance

my way

what would I say?

I ponder the population

and dream up a new creation

what is all this planning for?

I regret the interruption

whats with the big conniption?

Fits don’t fit my style

So take it outdoors

where men are better bores

and I am left with thoughts that wander

do not squander

that for which was richly given


you are forgotten

Depth of vision

I sought to make him laugh
but he saw deeper than my smile
and made an observation
that stopped my heart
and made me shiver
ache in places most frightened,

there existed, suddenly within me
an old kinship revived
a remembered feeling
Standing,acutely aware
as he looks upon me
that I am only a child
without a playmate.

Damn you, for your insight.

The Power of a word

Words have power

so I speak only ones that create

within me

something that can grow

and flourish

stand tall as a tree and shade you

bring light and breezes softly

temper my enthusiasm

with gentle raindrops

left over from the storm

as they drip over my leaves

and carress your face

as you seek shelter at my roots.

Words have power

so I seek ones that mend

that create within you

that warm summer light

reflected and filtered

through loving leaves

that give shadow

from the harsh glare

of what we know dwells

just beyond our reach.

Breath deeply

and linger long

over the sound of the wind

as it speaks with my mouth

those words we rush to quickly,

those things we see but do not cherish.

Find silence here

find words needed

and be at peace.

Words have power

and I give my words to you.

Inner conversation

There is nothing so beguiling,

as laughter shared between us.

My delight is within me

as your smile walks that familiar path,

to your eyes, a twinkle overflowing.

Leaning close, our heads create a sanctuary

of quiet sharing, committed caring.

That wrinkle at your corner,

turning and gesturing,

encouraging me to wander,

into the corridors of your whimsy,

under a blanket of your acceptance.

I find warmth and reflection

and I hope,

most fervently,

that you are finding

something somewhat similar

in the mirror of my face,

reflecting that inner joy

your presence seems to cultivate

with tender accuracy.