Anna May Rose

I have a name inside my heart
she waits patient for me there.
She is the child I wait to have
with the one who will love and care.

She will be a dreamer,
a giggle making mop.
She needs a dad who will give his heart
and a love that will never stop.

She needs a dad who will not pause,
to hold her when she cries
with little regard for clothes or rules
but much attention to whimpers and sighs.

He must be the kind of man
who knows where dragons dwell
who can delight her with his laughter
and the many stories he would tell.

He  must be the kind who will give
attention to little ones who call
who will love me just as much
as the child waiting down the hall.

I  have a man inside my heart
we wait paitiently for him there
he is the one we want to have
to give all our love and care.


A slender light upon the floor
it waits there in the dark.
It sparkles like a precious gem
in this room so bare and stark.

It holds my secrets and my pain,
it knows my hidden woe.
It is a thing I cannot explain,
it is not for man to know.

Only but one can handle her.
Only but one could care.
To hold her close and make her bright,
he alone can find and share.

I wait and hope for the sight
of eyes that see my heart.
I wait and try to be patient
for this ending to have it’s start.

I wait with her and give her strength,
I gently laid her bare.
For if he is to find my heart,
he must seek to find her there.

dream lover

Dream lover

I know that you have sorrow
And it rides you like a stone.
It makes the weary heart,
hate the world it’s always known.

I know you have that demon,
rides you and won’t let go.
I know you fear the world will judge,
that which you cannot show.

I ask you now to trust,
in what you have no sight to see.
Believe in love, believe in faith,
believe in you and me.

That pain you fear,
that all will see,
cannot pierce this shield.
That which arms are made to hold.
That which love will cause to be.

I see you there and know your pains,
even those you seek to hide.
I am not afraid to take up the sword
and fight along your side.

You cannot know the deepness,
of what my heart feels for you.
You must trust that I am there,
with honor and commitment too.

Be not afraid of time, my love,
for fate will not let you hide.
Do not fear this path you walk,
I’m walking by your side.

The Quirky Chick

She never listens to what is said
to busy making up riddles
to share with her inner child.

She attempts to find the thread of conversation
for she doesn’t wish to offend.
She is sincere in her regard

She is often forgiven
by they who understand
they love her despite her ways
though, they are not quite sure why.

Somehow, they have learned her
and know her heart is pure
though, she is hard to hold,
and harder still to comprehend
they embrace her for her laughter.
She returns their faith with joyful kisses.

One moment they are quite sure
that she is a child inside
when with a flick,the eyes change
and insight rides her tongue like a light
and sets the world on it’s edge.
A tilted view of something oft seen
but never contemplated,
quite the way she sees it.

She stands often on her head
figuratively, (we all hope)
Alice in wonderland…
without the endless corrections and questions
Alice embracing the madness.

She knows herself well,
and is not fooled
she is full of shortcomings,
bad habits,
stubbornness is her old enemy,
and pride makes her a fool at times
but she is joyous
accepting the things she lacks.
Owning them the way she owns her socks.

Who is this woman?
Why do we like her so?
We can never find this answer
for she herself will never know.

His eyes

Deep reflections
Wondering steps
Mysterious pools of laughter
Temptations doorway
Miracles edge
A sweet poem not yet heard

Quiet serenity
Clarity granted
A lonely moment of contentment
A blister of pain, quickly covered
A small quake of passion
A second of worry, a year of pain
An endless questing for answers

I see it all when I look within
his eyes.
those beautiful orbs of light..
and I wonder
I wonder
what he is seeing in mine..
while I am contemplating his



gripping the wheel
I lean forward
I look left
I look right
I prepare to pass
anticipating the horns in my ears
I check the mirror again, and again
I try to stay focused
I try not to let my mind wander
Wow…shoes are on sale
“Look forward woman!”
Whew..that was close.
Must pay attention..
I think I am ready
to start the car.

When I look into your eyes

When I look into your eyes
I see what I desire.
The ebb, the flow
The stop, and go
the integrity of your gaze.

When I look at your hands
I see what brings me  joy.
The big, the small
the love of it all
the sensitivity of your touch.

When I look at your smile
I see what brings me hope.
The soft, the sweet
the quick, the neat
the completion of your kiss.

When you look at me
I see what brings me awe.
The love, the care
the always being there
the finding of my hearts choice.


With hand and heart
I reach for you
I need no other thing.
Some may need a bit of fame
I need what bids my heart to sing.

Some may need their freedom
freedom for me is found in a kiss
freely given, freely sought
a thing I would dearly miss.

Some need bows and paper
to make their spirit fine.
I need only one thing dear
the feel of your hand in mine.

The Voice

I hear you in my head.
I am not sure that it matters
but the words just takes all doubt
and shakes it until it shatters.

Like a presence in my heart
your words just touch me deeply.
For in your words ring truth and light
and that is why they hit so steeply.

I hear you, and you see me
and we never once need rush
for with a grin, a chuckle, a laugh
the world will pause, and hush.

For it is time to talk now
it is time to pause and see
that this is someone I can trust.
Who’s presence makes me free.

a woman’s heart

When a woman gives you her heart
in friendship, love, or affection.

You must seek to see
to really, really, see
the gift that you have been given.

For in a woman’s heart
castles are built
empires destroyed
universes created
and heavens lost.

In a woman’s heart
anything is possible.

She makes things happen
with the power of her feeling.

She does not give up.
She does not forget.
She does what must be done.
She gives all, and gives it
until she is spent.
and broken.

If you love a woman
you sustain her
with a smile
a word
a mere brush of the hand.

She can live off so very little
but deserves so very much.

When you cultivate a woman’s heart
amazing things can grow
and blossom.

Beautiful things that make you gasp,
in wonder,
that such beauty exists
simply because a woman’s heart
loved your heart so well.


When you condemn yourself
in front of me
you steal my right to be angry.

I am not allowed to own my anger.
I am left feeling slightly guilty
and wishing
just once
that you would not preempt me
by going through the cycle
of never ending
diversionary tactics.

Why can I not be allowed
to voice my rightful

I am shut away
with tears in my throat
with words I cannot say.

A Man

A man walks along
with age in his step
and young men pass him
with little time to pause
to wonder at his expression.
They must not tarry.
They have important things
to see, to do, to be.
No time have they
for old men, with gentle
walking steps.

Then one day
the clock ticks
and they notice,
with a start,
that time has closed
their casket up
and they are left
with only wisdom
as they walk along
age in their step
while younger men pass.