The Poets Jewels

You amaze me

when I come for a visit

and am offered gems

of such varied hues

such richness

laid out before me

blood red here

sunny yellow there

dark blues

and somber greens

violent purple

and serene whites

all like precious jewels

given freely

for me to hold

but not to keep

for they belong to you

but I may stop

and admire them

I am welcomed within

with a smile

and offered these gems

these jewels

these precious gifts of you

sparkling so brightly

my own love is renewed

and I rush home


to persue

my own vast array

of gleaming wonders

yearning for the light

of your eye.

I will succeed!

I will succeed

you cannot stop a rolling stone

you cannot stop a moving train

you cannot stop a body in motion

I will succeed

cause I made myself a promise

and I keep my promises

I am not a quitter

I will not sit down

I will not give up

when they whisper into my ear

that I am nothing

I whisper back

Go to HELL

I am something special

I will not listen to negative words

I will shout

I will jump

I will release my fear

Hold my hand

I need the support

dance with me

I need the partner

sing with me

I need tunes in my ear

Laugh with me

make my heart

merry and bright

but do not


to hold me back

for I will roll

right over you

and keep on


Battered Heart

What can I do with this battered heart

that refuses to stop crying?

hope makes my heart ache

with promises I fear

will not be kept

I bleed slowly

on the inside

but seek the light

with eyes weary

but hopeful

ever hopeful

I long for peace

but know

this struggle will one day end

I pray

that the end

will be joyful

though fear

clutches my throat

and makes tears fall

for I worry I am not

strong enough

The path

Fate gave him a load that was heavy

most would have shown displeasure

but he merely set his chin

and pushed forward

with dread

with fear

with solemn dignity

his pain kept

deep down

buried under work

and struggle

then one day

quite to his surprise

he felt his burden lighten

and in turning found

a woman’s face looking back

without a word

she took upon her

half the load he carried

though valiantly he attempted

to dissuade her

and there they were those two

carrying the load together

and he found to his surprise

that lighter was his heart as well

and he did not mind

the path he walked

quite so much

any longer

Chris’s Poem

Illiusive notes

take wing and scatter

for he has not yet said goodbye.

he fears his peace will shatter

and though he lingers

his heart is making

memories and thoughts

he is not forsaking

take the time

take the path

let your spirit heal

the music

that lives in your skin

will dance when the tune

is real.

Fear not what

your heart must ponder

to find it’s peace again

for this is the time for you to wander

take the time to let pain walk

for one day

when you know it’s right

your heart will glow

and your words take flight

The Bryan Poem

When a clown walks in common clothing

he is dignified in a touching way

it is not in the riches he wears

but in the things you hear him say

his manner with the ones he loves

reveals depths beyond shallow laughter

for it is the richness of honesty

which is what this clown is after.

do not think to judge him

by the grinning face he shows

judge it by the subtle trace

of what that humor knows

The Gary Poem

Sarcastic wit hides an inner heart

that twinges with sentimentality

don’t tell him I know

for it is a secret

and friends don’t reveal secrets

do we?

when he speaks

you know

that there is some serious thought

going on

life is difficult

at times

but a mind that is sharp

cuts through all the crap

until all that is left behind

are his truths

and he likes his truths

very much.

Calling all poets

If you would like me to add you to my blogroll please comment with your wordpress or other blog address in comments. If I like what I see I will add you. Please know that I will not add ones that I have trouble liking content-wise. I like positive poetry..though sad and thought-provoking is also good. Will not be reading emotionally dark poetry however.

The me I want to be..

“What do you want to be?”

He asked me

and I thought a moment

before answering

I want to be brave

I want to be strong

I want to have gentleness in me

and I want to trust my softness

I want to let people in

though I may get hurt

by they who understand me not

or accidentally wound me

I want to be able to look

at my life and say

“It was a good life, It was well lived and never left to wither”

I want my life to be something

that when the day comes

to leave this world

my funeral will be full

of those who loved me

though not always sure why

I want there to be people

who look fondly at their life

and thank God I was in it.

I looked at him

and he looked at me

and said

“We are what we choose to be, if you seek it, you will be it”

These words

these words he spoke

brought me joy.

This weeks poems

This weeks poems hurt a little to write..that is how I know they are good. They always hurt a little when you are being true to something honest. “It has to hurt, if it’s to heal” I shy away from revealing to much, too deeply. I have scars I need to share, but fear the gaze that sees them. I ask that you go gently with me friends, this week. These poems are painful, but also healing in nature.

They make me feel something released inside and allowed to find peace. I know this is the place to leave them. I honor my past by writing my pain, but in writing them..they also die peacefully with dignity and forgiveness. Sometimes we love our pain too much, we hold it close and nurture it’s hate, because sometimes it feels good to hate. It makes not growing easier, cause growing takes bravery and sometimes it is easier to point to our pain and say “this is why I am not growing, do you not SEE IT”

I refuse to nurture something that diverts me from my path. After all, I have a light bringer in my life helping me want to change and become more. My dream you see, is to heal and become whole, something I am learning I can do and always could. When that day comes, though I will never be done completely, I will become my dream, a light bringer in my own right, but with a difference. I will seek out the broken and gladly share my light with them. I am humble and I am strong, but I know I have a light inside. I created it..myself, with help from my own light-bringers.

Isn’t God wonderful? He gave me one special light-bringer and I felt blessed..than he presented me with more and my life is surrounded by light and I am healing. I feel so very gifted. With gifts come great responsibility and I am willing, nay, eager to return that gift and take that responsibility on.

I am blessed. and I am healing.

The light bringer

I am broken,

and not worthy of such light

at least I always felt it was so.

my soul tarnished,

by hands that hurt


is one any less broken,

when it is someone else who does the breaking?

there are those that carry light

about them

and the broken ones know them

for what they really are.

they are kindness,

they are souls with love,

and gentleness,

they are treasures.

when we encounter them

we love them


for having souls that have seen

darkest blackness

we know the light,

for isn’t it the light

that kept us alive,

in times darkest?

though broken?

They share a single common flaw

those of the light.

for carrying the light

they assume

that none of it is theirs

not realizing

that theirs

feeds the greater light

in fact created it

and fed it with love they recieved

until it caused

a glow

that makes me weep.

for I am broken

and they are blind

and somehow

despite it

we find each other

and find peace

one in the others gaze


I use to think,

I was unworthy of your light

but, now I know

that I have a gift to give you,

though I am broken,

I see you

and I know your flaw

and heal I can

for though broken,

I know what you are

you are kindness


you are love

and I treasure you.

for you repair my soul

and I reflect your light

we are souls mated

with a common duality

pause to see truth

I was startled by his words

he said them almost,


“sometimes men, they come and steal the children to use for sex”

It made my gut clench

to realize,

my problems



very, very small

this man,

so use to violence

that is stated

hollowly, as if often visited and poked

it is this that reveals most

the endless waves

of pain

he suffers

when a soul is unable to cry any more

you know

you know

you know

the depths it has suffered,

cannot ever be reached,

in a million years or more.

my problems

are nothing,



nakupenda sana, friend

nakupenda sana

do not give up.


I have a tilted view

of the world

I see it

as if I have been given

brand new eyes

With which to see

the frailness of being

the valor of small things

doing big work.

I define success

by how you feel just before

falling into sleep

for that is when you cannot hide

that is when truth sings

or moans.

Life is so much more

when we pause in place to see

to feel, and learn

and acknowledge

that we are more

than just these bags of skin

we are spirits eternal

who God has gifted life

we must not waste our moments

reaching for sand

that runs through our fingers

reach instead for people

for hearts never forget

ones that love has found.

Allow yourself to see

the world slightly tilted

you might be surprised

at what a tilted view reveals.

Walking the path

I chose this path

little knowing what I would find.

perhaps that is best,

when choosing a path

to have it thusly.

one must have optimism

and hope of a better tomorrow.

I chose this path,

not for it’s beauty

for in truth it is not always so.

not for it’s ease of travel,

for there are many things

that block my path,

some of them even have teeth.

no, I chose this path

because something in me knew,

that I would find you

waiting at the end.

you cannot walk my path,

for you have your own path to walk

it is no better than mine,

though the hazards are different

and the view is slighty changed.

My hope,

my secret hope,

is that somehow

your path intersects

with mine

and that fate

in her wisdom

saw fit

to reward my laborous walk

with the sight

somewhere in the distance

of you

walking toward me


in your heart a wish

an optimistic hope

that somewhere ahead

I am making my way

to you.