A Man

A man walks along
with age in his step
and young men pass him
with little time to pause
to wonder at his expression.
They must not tarry.
They have important things
to see, to do, to be.
No time have they
for old men, with gentle
walking steps.

Then one day
the clock ticks
and they notice,
with a start,
that time has closed
their casket up
and they are left
with only wisdom
as they walk along
age in their step
while younger men pass.

How deep is your ocean?

How blue is your ocean?
Is it filled with love,
affection, loyalty?

How gray can a day feel
without the emotions truly real?

How deep is your heart?
Is there room in there for me?
Big enough for the sun, the moon, the sea?

How blue is your ocean
is it filled right to the brim?
With song, with lullaby, with hymn?

I Shall Call You The Moon..

I shall call you the moon
for being a wolf
I worship you

a drug that draws me at close of day
a pale glow larger than myself
higher than ever could be reached by me
more beautiful than this shaggy fur

you draw me up on high plateaus
to stare in silent wonder wishing
until the music you cause
comes blushing out my jaws
in a howl of longing
howl of lust
howl of never free
never close
never wanting end of night

Every night at close of day
I climb and nestle down
awaiting a time when you appear
to refill my heart with life
to give my heart a lift
inspiration from your gentle presence

ability to continue on
with a promise
of a night next filled with moonlight.


Ava Reeves

I wrote this poem in hopes that it would bring peace to a hurting heart. I never got the chance to give it personally, of course. I hope that somehow in the cosmos there is a way to convey this single thought on his behalf. I wrote it in first person, so should he read it he knows the thought I wish to convey.

AVA Reeves Poem.











You were but a wisp of life’s longing.
You were but a wee thing to see
and yet within your tiny soul
you grasped a part of me.

In losing you, I lose my breath,
my heart is fair to die.
But I must go on, and I must heal
though, my soul screams endless why

I cannot let myself but think
that I’d be better still,
to never have dreamt of your sweet face
or with regrets let my heart fill.

for though it was but fleeting,
my heart it felt great joy
and a lesson of love, I learned it well
that true love is not a toy.

I lay you here to rest awhile
but dare not fear we part
for though your body is in the ground
your soul rests beneath my heart.

Something about his eyes

Crinkle lines about his eyes.
I do not think of them as wrinkles.
Wrinkles are not such good things,
while these crinkles enchant my eye.

Shy smiles are his specialty.
Though he has conquered
all other traces of it

His laugh is a joy to hear
but he gifts it only rarely
and only to ones who earn it.
Patience is a virtue.

It is his eyes, however,
that does my girlish heart in,
finishes me completely

His eyes
something about his eyes

they speak
with words that whisper
of warm covers
and sweet embraces
gentle murmurs in the night
and moments
in silence
when words spark
like fire
from his eyes.

Something about his eyes

Keys of fate

He will never know it
But he holds my heart in his hand
For each sweet smile that shines
One reflects back from me

He will never know it
But his eyes tell me a story
For what he feels is written there
Like words written on a page

He will never know it
But each pain that he feels
I feel as deeply as a cut
That time may never heal

He will never know it
But when he dreams at night
I see him there and hold my heart
I feel each beat and shudder.

Though, he will never know it
He makes me feel quite proud
He shoulders all and asks not why
His pains, worn like a shroud.

Though, he will never know it
His joy is like a miracle to me
I rejoice in his happiness
His peace is my peace.


If we had a conversation
I would hold your hand
and tell you
how proud I am of you
how much I have seen you grow
how much we have in common
how I think you are deserving
of so very many things
and how I am blessed to have
even a little knowledge
of what lies within your eyes.

I would tell you that you are special
because of the very things
you seem to think so small
and unimportant.

It is what you do without thinking
that tells me the most
about who you are.

There are men who shine their own light
and show off the things they know
are their best and brightest sides
but you have a different way
you glimmer on the edges
never asking for the light
never knowing
that is why it chooses you.

Why is it
that all the most amazing people
are the ones who know it
the least?

New Mexico Trip 2013

I took photos of all the things that interested me. Erinn, one of the hosts, was kind enough to take me to Santa Fe after everyone else had departed for home. I got the chance to drink Coconut water, and I really enjoyed her company. I stayed at Angel Fire and the altitude was my least favorite thing. It hurt me to even breathe at times. Walking in the mountains was awesome though, when I was not fighting for breath, I was snapping photos of all the beauty.