The transfer has begun

I am slowly transferring the astrology data from this blog into the new one. Sigh* it’s very fiddly work in some ways, you’d think it’d be super easy..copy/paste and repeat..but it’s a bit more like: load old links page, click link to open, copy post, open new tab in new blog, create new post, copy/paste old post and publish, copy new page link, open new page and check link works and is to the correct blog, open new links directory, paste new link to new post and hit save, check new link redirects to active post, repeat until you want to murder your computer.


It takes longer than you think. Since I need to do laundry, I’m stopping for tonight, besides, it’s my birthday. I wanna watch garbage tv and be lazy.


B. goodness.

I woke to all these texts and posts to my FB wall. I feel incredibly warm inside. My sister, Shay, and my sister, Joey D, were texting me to the point my phone kept beeping. How’s a sleepy 🐝 supposed to be lazy if you wake her up?!

Brekkie of the forbidden foods (bacon, sausage and ham) was in order. 3 meat egg scramble bowl with 2 helpings of toast! I am revelling in the feeling of naughtily being home on a Tues. Having the day off for your birthday is THE BEST present ever! (Why thank you me, you shouldn’t have!)

I love love love that I have my bed in the perfect spot to stare at my quilt. Honestly, it is my favorite thing right now. I am incredibly glad it’s not crooked. When I hung it, I was cursing and praying as I stood on my rickity folding chair with a hammer and nails whilst trying to hold up a blanket without it falling down. The fact that I got it straight is a frickin miracle.

I will need to go get quarters to do my laundry in a bit, but I kinda think stopping at the secondhand store on the way back might soften the blow.

Ah….I feel a bit happy. I’m 47 today. Who’d have thunk it!

Well, well, well. Happy Birthday to me!

Apparently my birthday this year features a New Moon in Capricorn.

Cool! 😎

here’s what it said about Capricorns specifically: “


Capricorns have been under a whole lot of pressure for the last three years due to Saturn traveling through their sign.  And although Saturn moved on at the end of last year, Pluto is still hanging out and wrapping up his tour. This new moon will give Capricorns—specifically those born between January 7-18—a chance to really step into their inner authority.

Now is the time for you to set your biggest and boldest intentions yet. You have great power to create anything you want; just make sure you are using it to either empower others, or at the very least, not take their power away.”

Bits of me

Today I feel soo serene. I look around my flat and feel this sense of quiet happiness steal over me. These touches of my personality surround me and it feels so so comforting. Those years in the basement in my sister’s home, I always dreamt of my own place. There are bits of me everywhere I look. I bought that art. I made that display. I put that tiered metal basket shelf together.

I’m incredibly emotional. Every inch of my space feels like an expression of my inner self. It’s not about owning things, it’s more that these bits of myself were once kept inside me and now, now they display a me I am happy with.

I am soo damned happy.

I always wanted a place to belong, now I’ve created one..all by myself.

Maybe I’ll find someone to introduce to this place one day. It’s soo personal though, might take me a bit of time to let them in to see such a lot of me at once.

This place is home.

One way home

There has only ever been one way.

To love and trust in every day.

To clasp hands, hold gazes, wipe brows

to find the ways, the where’s and hows.

To enter forth or gently part

to finish, continue, or finally start.

With each new task an old one completes

We are are more than our fables, more than our defeats

We are fragile hearts that must be brave

Our most human moments, are the ones we save.

There is only ever one way,

the one that defines us, every day.

Daily doings

Started out the day chatting with Shay about random sister stuff.

If you must know, she was making lasagna and torturing me with photos of her progress. Lasagna takes a long time to cook and I haven’t had any in a long..loooong time. Therefore, I submit she is evil.

She also told me she was eating oreos dipped in overly sweetened tea (her words not mine) when I told her that was gross..she laughed at me. Everyone knows oreos are meant for milk or hot cocoa!

She took another photo of her progress cooking, so I sent her a photo of the extremely gross task I was working on (my dishes…not for the faint of heart) in retaliation.

After procrastinating and cleaning, I went to the grocery store. I bought my goods and then, something not so pleasant happened.

See, I use a piece of rolling luggage to transport my groceries. It keeps me from trying to carry a bunch of bags and I don’t waste bags each week because I quite simply toss all my purchases into the suitcase, zip it and go! I always make sure the thing is completely empty before I go to the store AND I always wait to load it away from the registers so as to not impede other shoppers after checkout. I know my way of doing this is a bit unusual, but I walk, and the rolling suitcase is a complete lifesaver as it keeps my purchases cold and/or frozen better than the wire carts I’ve seen.

The problem came as I left the store. Apparently, an employee didn’t see me go through check-out and only saw me when I was loading my purchases into the suitcase.

She told her managers that she thought I was stealing. WTF?? If I was stealing I definitely wouldn’t have done it directly at the front of the store and in front of the registers check-out. I wasn’t mad, just hurt that they were actually thinking I looked like the kind of person who’d steal.

To be completely honest, I’d rather rip my own arm off than ever steal. Just the thought of the disappointment on my dead grandpa’s face would kill me, not to mention, the pride I take in paying my own way through life. (It’s an “I grew up poor and have gobs of pride” thing)

Anyway, I provided my receipt and explained how I use the suitcase after I’ve paid for the groceries. I always open the case and lie it flat so that anyone who cares to check visually or with a camera, can clearly see the thing is empty before I load it. Yes, I am that anal about it and today just proves I wasn’t remiss to do so.

Anyway, that was fun ..Not.

Once I got home I chatted with Shay again and informed her that I bought oreos and it was all her fault (as I mentioned she is evil) I also shared a photo of my lunch. (It’s a sister brag thing)

Got some sewing done and spent a lot of hours watching Bones.

What a day!

Nom nom nom
Shay sent me a photo of my nephews. Aren’t they cute?
Current progress
I love these straws so I bought some for a co-worker.
I adore this pattern do I bought the magazine so I can eventually make it.
Shay’s lasagna torture photo. She is evil.

Oh, and apparently my nephew, Josh, is adopting a cat named, Snickernoodle. I am contemplating getting a cat myself. Hmmm.