I know it’s not healthy, but it tastes like my childhood!

During the Summer on 4th of July, my mother would take us to the 4th of July festival, and we’d get cotton candy, elephant ears and watch the fireworks on the bluffs of Conneaut. The fireworks were shot off boats and it was always one of my favorite memories. My son got the chance to experience it with my sister, Joey D, her kids (the giggle-twins) and my BIL Rock. Joey D, was incredibly tense about how the twins would react to the Boom ones, and this made the twins scared too..they cried..but, once Aunt Bekki started laughing and saying “Boom! Boom!” They started giggling too and making the same noises. Isn’t it funny how kids take their cues from us? The fact that Z got the opportunity to enjoy one of my family traditions meant a lot to me!

Anyway, I saw these at work and had to buy them. They include 3 flavors. Vanilla Snow, Hot Cocoa, and Candy Cane.

Twin Flame signs


  1. Obsessive thinking. We aren’t talking like first love type of obsessive thinking. I’m talking obsessive thinking that doesn’t down. This is on an extreme level where every waking hour you’re thinking about them non-stop. This also causes a lot of sleepless nights just obsessed about them.
  2. Dark Night of the Souls: This is WHEN YOUR EGO STARTS TO BREAK DOWN. You’re in a lot of pain and suffering, and you have no idea what is happening to you. Everything was going good, lovely, the love was there. Next thing you know you start to feel like you’re going down and your Twin Flame takes off for no reason what so ever.
  3. You doubt you’re a Twin Flame or even spirituality being real. After consuming Twin Flame stuff, you doubt this is real and go after your Twin Flame like just like a lover. Trying to talk things out, trying to be romantic, trying to explain yourself. This doubt actually remains for quite a long time. Even if you have really strong signs they’re a Twin Flame, the doubt is overwhelming. You can have these mind blowing experiences, the doubt is so overwhelming you’ll make some logical reason to why it happened.
  4. They only respond to your Ascension. once you go into the Dark Night of the souls and start the inner work. You have some spiritual awareness leveling up, and your Twin Flame only responds to that. They don’t respond to anything else, no one else responds to your spiritual awareness expanding. ONLY YOUR TWIN FLAME! Like they go crazy for you. Something spiritual will happen, and your Twin Flame is all over you! Then you focus on them instead or your Ascension and they run!

I can’t put any other signs, because well most people will mix it up and just be like “Yea, i’m going thru that!” You do go all the way in love with them. It’s not first love, it’s not puppy love, it’s not soulmate love. You go all the way in love, which is what makes a Twin Flame so addicting is you know you’re near maxed out or at the maximum level of love someone can experience.

Credit: Gray Inregio

2 things

I just started a new sewing project and I just finished re-reading Percy Jackson (Lightning Thief) I actually indulged and bought myself both the Percy Jackson AND the Harry Potter box sets. Muhahaha!

I’m kinda addicted, at the mo, to listening to YouTube playlist music. It’s a thing for while I sew…when I’m not doing that I’m listening to Kelsey Dangerous, do the “Not So Berry Challenge” on her gaming channel. She seems a bit more snappish now that she’s got her own channel but, she’s still my favorite gamer.

I’m mega tired because Wednesday’s always have only 3 people working and one of them called off. (______ insert favorite curse word here_____)

It sucked…no way around it..but, at least it didn’t rain like it forecasted.

Unca Bobby

Last week I learned that my Uncle Bobby died. That makes 3 deaths in 2 months, in case you’re keeping track. The first was my Aunt Karen (my stepmom’s sister-in-law), the second was my ex mother-in-law, Lindy, who had suffered a stroke about 5 years previously and now, my uncle Bobby (my mother’s brother)

Uncle Bobby was, by far, the closest to me of the 3. This one hurts quite a lot. I’m fucking sad and mad at the same time. I hate that getting older means people die. Sigh*

I use to visit his home on the regular. We played Little People before they were plastic. I got my tongue stuck to his freezer when my cousin (Mandy) dared me to, and had to rescue me with warm water and a popsicle (Yes, I see the irony of the popsicle but I’d torn off part of my tongue soo the bastard frig owed me!)

Unca Bobby had a legendary metabolism, he was as skinny as a rail, but ate like a lumberjack! They use to tell stories of his incredible eating. My mom said they use to make two cakes for Unca Bobby’s birthday..one for him and one for everyone else!

I’ll miss you Unca Bobby! You always made me feel like one of your kids. Rest Peacefully.

I love you.

Quotes That Made Me

“Human evolution has two steps –
from being somebody to being nobody;
and from being nobody to being everybody.
This knowledge can bring
sharing and caring throughout the world.”
― Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

On the first day, you learn that you are nothing.

One the second day, you learn that you are everything.

On the third day, you learn that you are no one.

On the fourth day, you learn that you are everyone.