This love

There is love that needs flowers petals of  promise that love exists. Despite the hollow understanding that flowers die. There is love that needs constant confirmation words piled upon words. Despite the knowledge, that repetition dulls. There is love that needs constant passion skin flush to skin. Despite the realization, that candles burn out. ThenContinue reading “This love”

Timid bird

Sweet simplicity this feeling that tells me tales and leads me, ever forward, seeing the light that falls from your eyes. I cannot claim knowledge of how softness lives behind those thick walls you guard so carefully mindful lest cracks appear. Yet, there, within the slumber of your gentleness, curls something tender and frightened. Feeling,Continue reading “Timid bird”

The opening of a door

What is this feeling that follows you around. Wraps you up in cotton-fresh memories of the past. What is this gentle nudge that wakes you from deepest sleep to wander gently across your prow advising smoother sailing. What is this subtle tingling that signals thinking fissures that burst with sunlight flash with something  joyful. WhatContinue reading “The opening of a door”

Warm tones.

This heart that misses you sings quietly in the dark replaying memories that elicit snorts of laughter. There are bits of wistful under my rib-cage. Denying they exist leads to Olympic-sized sighs. I cup my thoughts in a palm that longs to find your whiskered face and measure your lips. We love indiscriminately, each moment stolen. Greedy weContinue reading “Warm tones.”

Our Love is a tree.

Our love is a tree. It grew from a greeting it sprang from a smile. Deep roots were grown from the tender care taken with each tentative stretching of arms. Smooth leaves uncurled from the tips of our fingers outward seeking, inward twining. Your hands held me protected the trunk that I leaned into theContinue reading “Our Love is a tree.”

I am made whole.

Today the past is gone and I am made whole anew I feel the presence of love in my heart and I am at peace at last! I am found I am joy I am complete unbroken my soul has been repaired renewed recreated I am whole. With tears in my eyes and faith inContinue reading “I am made whole.”