Small speck of determination

To retain that small measure of what is human I give over to pain. I let it mock me, let it gaze with cheerful leering, into the hopelessness of my outer soul. I let it feel victorious and complacent. For there is more to a soul than what lies on the surface. There is fireContinue reading “Small speck of determination”

The things that matter most

The soft warmness that is your sweater covered collarbone. That twinkle in your eye that cannot be captured by camera, no matter how hard I try to grasp it in my lens. The hesitant way you answer the phone, even when you know it’s me. The startled laughter that tells me I have scored aContinue reading “The things that matter most”

Under my bonnet

Living was never meant to be hard but damn, if it was too easy who would want to do it correctly? This tunnel has turn-offs. Some of them are by scent and some of them by history. There is a prolific author spitting in my ear blah blah blah. I am turning 40 in another yearContinue reading “Under my bonnet”

bend your ear

Tomorrow I shall rest my head upon my pillows shoulder. Whisper conspiracies in hushed tones so only my head can hinder the intake of my breath as I mutter astonished proclamations of how I never would have guessed or how simply dreadful it all is. Then I will turn over and laugh because seriousness has neverContinue reading “bend your ear”

Grace Defined

Grace is not worn by beauty though, beauty is its face. It is the portrait of time recalling back to the things it has learned and overcome. Grace is a shaking off of old scars that now become lace to decorate her soul. Grace is not a young art though graceful can make a youthfulContinue reading “Grace Defined”

Short description

His eyes are like volumes of writing hidden in a diary. The passages are guarded, and the sentences are blocked. but.. within each page is a treasure trove of whimsy and gently placed kindness. Valiant hopes and sentimental dreams. Beauty that brings a tear. Worry and sometimes lack of confidence that hides its lovely face certainContinue reading “Short description”

Objective consideration

I imagine you are wondering why I speak, and yet do not. My eyes betraying that there are volumes more I would say. It is because I know that opinions are only valuable to the person speaking them and never to the person hearing. I am not vain enough to need an audience for myContinue reading “Objective consideration”

Surrealist lecture

A surrealist lecture, on how to be unexpected and thoughtful, mutters in my head like a faceless ladybug angry for her lack of tea. There are airless balloons leading my heart into places where helium lives and squeaks like flatulent house-guests. My thoughts bob and follow patterns that flicker in then out like a belly button peekContinue reading “Surrealist lecture”

A very good height indeed.

Days tick by. Caterpillar questions on the fly. Say hello, but mean goodbye. Look both ways before crossing your eyes. Do you catch more honey or catch more flies? Oh sour  insanity! Boxed in by an endless loop. Reaching into that place, inside my memory, that is not yet written. Just ask my diary. He knowsContinue reading “A very good height indeed.”

This love

There is love that needs flowers petals of  promise that love exists. Despite the hollow understanding that flowers die. There is love that needs constant confirmation words piled upon words. Despite the knowledge, that repetition dulls. There is love that needs constant passion skin flush to skin. Despite the realization, that candles burn out. ThenContinue reading “This love”

Timid bird

Sweet simplicity this feeling that tells me tales and leads me, ever forward, seeing the light that falls from your eyes. I cannot claim knowledge of how softness lives behind those thick walls you guard so carefully mindful lest cracks appear. Yet, there, within the slumber of your gentleness, curls something tender and frightened. Feeling,Continue reading “Timid bird”

True Vows

I vow to Apologize Whenever I say things that hurt. Not because I am  wrong but because I don’t need to be right. Listen Whenever you speak your heart. Not because I always agree with what you say but because sometimes I am wrong. Talk Whenever we cannot understand each other. Not to force youContinue reading “True Vows”