Cheerful Rebellion.

It is not recommended to stand on one leg looking at the world, while attempting, with wobbly success, to stand less like others do. It is not advised, to tilt your head, so the world slides slightly sideways into space. It’s likely you will get a look or twenty-two. It is not appreciated when you lieContinue reading “Cheerful Rebellion.”

Learning worth, Worth learning.

There once was humiliation. There once was fear. There once was sarcasm, intimidation, and terrifying realizations about twisted lust. Then one day while my soul was wandering my self-worth showed up. She lifted her chin to humiliation. She bid a cheeky “Sod off” to fear. She flipped sarcasm the finger. She learned to knee intimidation.Continue reading “Learning worth, Worth learning.”

I’ll wash, you dry

We stand here as the dark overcomes the sun side-by-side, with wry glances, touching hands underwater as we reach for submerged china. Our feet are neatly anchored in realities firmness though, waves will hover, politely seeking to tilt a viewpoint or shake a calm. We hear the squeak of cloth and glass. Smile in ourContinue reading “I’ll wash, you dry”

Mystical tree

Mystical tree, you know me. You know my pauses, those spaces between. You ignore those tales that foolishly ignore the woodiest of truths. You excel at forgiving old gusts that speak as if vibrant green is the only sound and see petal soft pink as the only sight. You are no sapling, and you don’tContinue reading “Mystical tree”

Unwritten manuscript

There, in the distance, is a story waiting for someone to pen its length into place and commit its existence to childlike wonder. A sweet declaration of one simple truth. There are worlds within and worlds without. Worlds that whisper. Worlds that shout. Worlds that turn your paucity inside out. Worlds that linger on aContinue reading “Unwritten manuscript”

Small steps

One foot placed before the other, mindful of the stacked domino’s that long to topple over creating kinetic chaos and black and white submersion. His face is mine to memorize. Though, he shades his blushes, the true beauty lies in his ability to calm turbulent water in the midst of tempest teacups. One blink leads toContinue reading “Small steps”

Tedious 8

Scattered bits of paper rolled up into the deepest corners of my pockets. Chagrin in my fingertips for a leaky pen and all things blue. Restless eyes that pause minutely on my watchband. Clickety Clack that echos the teeth of a keyboard. Clenched jaw feeling speechless. Left standing at the podium.

Charles Mostly

A worn passage in a much loved book with a spine that has relaxed with time but still manages, easily, to hold itself together. Though, that easily is not always so easy he seeks to appear so for the sake of warm fingers that clasp him. When placed on a shelf he leans, ever soContinue reading “Charles Mostly”

Equal foot.

Oh Lord, to watch that face go awry as you list to one side, trying to hide the pockmarked trail of your past. There is beauty in the sighing The deep blisters that show. The melted skin turned to stone. There is beauty in the bad. Heeding whispers that say the opposite of despair, yourContinue reading “Equal foot.”