Poet Interview: Sunny Dhami

I would like to take a moment and let everyone know that I am always accepting interviews with poets. You may not be aware of it, but interviews are the #1 most searched article on my blog (next to specific kinds of poems and Keanu Reeves’s belly button apparently.) Check out the interview page toContinue reading “Poet Interview: Sunny Dhami”

Equal foot.

Oh Lord, to watch that face go awry as you list to one side, trying to hide the pockmarked trail of your past. There is beauty in the sighing The deep blisters that show. The melted skin turned to stone. There is beauty in the bad. Heeding whispers that say the opposite of despair, yourContinue reading “Equal foot.”

Security blanket.

he ushers in the day with a glare and burrows under the covers certain the day has made some mistake and risen much to soon. 5 more minutes please. he groans for he knows that time will not wait and he has much to do. so he slides reluctantly, from her side letting his handContinue reading “Security blanket.”

A love that bares it’s teeth.

There is something so comforting about sleeping children the rise and fall of their chests as they take each breath. The sheer abandon with which they embrace the folds of sleep faces clear of all concern If you cannot resist like I cannot you smooth a bit of hair caress a cheek soft as dewContinue reading “A love that bares it’s teeth.”

Calling all poets

If you would like me to add you to my blogroll please comment with your wordpress or other blog address in comments. If I like what I see I will add you. Please know that I will not add ones that I have trouble liking content-wise. I like positive poetry..though sad and thought-provoking is also good. WillContinue reading “Calling all poets”