Airborne Instruction

She had not considered the way her struggles nourished her, kneaded her stubbornness into fragrant bread for mana. There is wisdom in challenge. She had not realized the way her pains would assist her, pause her mouth and still her ego when friendship called for sensitivity. There is respect in pain. She had not imaginedContinue reading “Airborne Instruction”

Open up

There lies within the spirit an endless stream of serenity that waits for your parched wanderings to claim its cooling essence. There lies within the heart an abundant well of kindness waiting for your eager offering, the sharing of your bounty. There lies within the deepest dream a priceless bundle of belief waiting for yourContinue reading “Open up”


My laughter is a hopeful beat waiting out the ponderous heat that warms and spills, ever like coffee on my lapel, as it slips soulfully into my throats tight spaces. Let this eye remain dry because I will it so. I know that pressure mounted, spring-loaded consciousness forever brushing my hair out of my squintingContinue reading “Linger”