Airborne Instruction

She had not considered the way her struggles nourished her, kneaded her stubbornness into fragrant bread for mana. There is wisdom in challenge. She had not realized the way her pains would assist her, pause her mouth and still her ego when friendship called for sensitivity. There is respect in pain. She had not imaginedContinue reading “Airborne Instruction”

Ending of a poem

Have we become less then? Has time taken that moment from us, driven connections away and left me unaware of its passing me? It is like my mind knows, but my heart refuses. Dimly my head wants to hide, in covers rich with scented yesterdays, and not acknowledge the open cut that is my distanceContinue reading “Ending of a poem”

Poison tongue.

Where did your soul go so long ago? When did its knowing disappear? Why did that fragile shoulder give and let slip apart your dream? Where did your soul go? Now crimson like the blood that pours from the wounds that you inflict. Uncaring of your company. Watch out you do not sliver into someContinue reading “Poison tongue.”

Drowning upward

I am shipwrecked by you. Tangled in your seaweed. Tossed by your waves. Never certain if it is undertow, or emotion, that grabs and pulls my ankle toward you. I cannot define this crash of mine. It is like unexpected water with sudden chance of fish. Changeable like the weather, but startlingly beautiful in placesContinue reading “Drowning upward”

Comfortable silence

Like a quiet breeze you sit next to me. Leg crossed elegantly over thigh made more elegant by the lack of your noticing. The way you love silence, amuses me. Transversing the well trod pathways of your mind and memory. Lingering on a phrase remembered for only an hour or twenty. My heart lingers onContinue reading “Comfortable silence”

Learning curve

There are parts of you that make me purr lift the hairs on my back and make my eyes close into a happy slant. There are parts of you that make me growl bring my hackles up and my ears down wanting to bite your ankle. You have opinions I share with precise lazer-like clarity.Continue reading “Learning curve”

The stark truth is a poem

Chilled like a glass my heart wanders into reflections of moist heat and shatters from too much, too soon. Ah! the splinters come to lead a path of red ribbon woe straight into my tired eyelids. Wrinkled copies of beloved words that have memorized themselves into the fabric of my skin, are making homes inContinue reading “The stark truth is a poem”

Pinched expression

closed eyelid ready to roar listing sideways walk through a door and wonder as you wander just what just what just what is all this walking for? furrowed eyebrow curdled milk slippery slope like ancient silk as we tumble and bumble down down down another rabbits hole. Let us be thankful for little sips ofContinue reading “Pinched expression”

Stardust on his shoes

He always thought space would be cold but her fiery passion was like the sun able, with one touch, to singe his soul and sweep away the dark side of his moon. He was caught in her orbit effortlessly spinning. Hanging on the stars in her eyes and somehow, despite himself, he felt a humbleContinue reading “Stardust on his shoes”

Small speck of determination

To retain that small measure of what is human I give over to pain. I let it mock me, let it gaze with cheerful leering, into the hopelessness of my outer soul. I let it feel victorious and complacent. For there is more to a soul than what lies on the surface. There is fireContinue reading “Small speck of determination”

Know it.

Don’t I know it, those burned bits of you left smoldering in the air waiting for the brimstone to come almost recklessly awaiting the ease of sorrow whilst knowing the pain it will bring. Don’t I know it, those lost shattered fragments that cut deep into palms and leave a copper goodbye letter. Horrifying lastContinue reading “Know it.”

The things that matter most

The soft warmness that is your sweater covered collarbone. That twinkle in your eye that cannot be captured by camera, no matter how hard I try to grasp it in my lens. The hesitant way you answer the phone, even when you know it’s me. The startled laughter that tells me I have scored aContinue reading “The things that matter most”