Each day there is a moment a silent self regard to accept the hurt unspoken to admit that things are hard. In these tearful pauses, remember, to take in breath and center. Trust the calm spaces within your soul, give faith permission to enter. And there, in that moment, say thank you. Thank you. becauseContinue reading “Shanti”

Starlight, Starbright…

When something beautiful dies a star is born in the sky a beacon for that treasured soul to lead them homeward into the arms of loving rest and gentle peace unending, forever after, that star knows their name for it was birthed by the love of the ones they leave behind, a beacon for treasuredContinue reading “Starlight, Starbright…”

Curse you toe hurter!

I stubbed my toe it made me say words, words that would make certain people giggle, and others simply grin, for these are not swear words, that others would condemn: Fudge and Fornication Frick and Frack Sweet mother Abraham Gosh Darn, calamity! Shoot and Shine-o-wha Darn and Dragons Pencils and Pistols Harps and Hampers DernContinue reading “Curse you toe hurter!”