Weird Dreams

I sometimes write about the weird and wonderful dreams I am having. Here is my list so far. (Unlike my poetry links, these go from current to first.)

The Bike Dream

The Shovel Sled Dream

The Phone number dream

Dancing around TMW5T’s (aka SHK’s) house

The biology class dream

The Theatre Invitation Dream

The SHK comes for dinner dream

Snickerdoodle Dream

Board Game Dream

Tesseract Dream

Tower of Terror Dream

The Family Dream

Bald Men are Ruined for Butterflies Dream

The French Surrealist Dream

The pinball dream

The SHK conversation dream

Doing the dishes dream

Arguing with myself, sorta dream

Movie Dream

French Rebellion Dream

Huh? Dream

Social Acceptance Dream

SHK has a face (TMW5T)

Asked on a date dream

Sex Monster revisited

The Sex Monster Dream

Thinnest Dream Plot Ever

Ice Scream Dream


Bus Dream

This one happened as I woke up, but I think it still counts

Shakespeare took over my brain

I can’t make this stuff up

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